New Hampshire Railroad Stations:

Branch by Branch

The Boston & Maine charts, listing B&M branches and stations, are based on the Boston & Maine's 1923 Official List: Officers, Agents, and Stations. The Grand Trunk charts are based on the 1907 Grand Trunk Railroad System Official Listing of Stations and Buildings. The Maine Central chart is based on the 1917 Maine Central Railroad Company: Handbook of Officers, Agents, Stations, and Sidings. Some places listed as "stations" may not ever have featured depot structures or freighthouses; in any case, sites where no structure is currently standing will be listed here as "Gone."  Like other pages in this site, these will be corrected and updated as needed.

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bmlogocolor.gif (2012 bytes) First Operating District:

bmlogocolor.gif (2012 bytes)Second Operating District:

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 First Operating District:

meclogo2color.gif (3721 bytes) Mountain Division:

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