B&M Stations: Branch by Branch

Southern Division

Updated: 11/18/09:

 In 1923, the Southern Division of the B&M in New Hampshire consisted of six distinct branches, as noted below:

Southern Division: Main Line Southern Division: Claremont Branch
(milepost: miles from Boston) (milepost: miles from Concord)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
35.18 South Nashua (P) Gone Concord (Un) (P) Gone
South Nashua (F) Gone Concord (Un) (F) Gone
38.96 Nashua Union (P) Gone Concord (McG.-era) Gone
Nashua Union (F) Standing/Business 3.48 Garrison Gone
44.73 Thornton's Ferry Gone 6.45 Riverhill Gone
46.09 Merrimack (C) Standing/Railroad 7.93 Mast Yard Gone
41.78 Reed's Ferry Gone 10.39 Tyler Gone
51.78 Moore's Crossing Gone 11.95 Contoocook Standing/Municipal
52.03 Goff's Falls Gone 14.56 Dimond Moved to Lower Warner
55.68 Manchester Un. (P) Gone 16.49 Bagley Moved to Warner
Manchester Un. (F) Standing/Vacant 17.46 Lower Warner Standing/Private/Moved
57.13 Amoskeag Standing/Private 18.76 Warner (P) Standing/Private
50.51 Martin Gone Warner (F) Standing/Business
64.37 Hooksett Gone 20.93 Waterloo Standing/Business
66.90 Suncook (Loop) Gone 22.70 Roby ???
73.32 Concord Union (P) Gone 24.75 Melvin Standing/Private
Concord Union (F) Gone 27.37 Bradford (P) Gone
79.91 Pennacook (P) Gone Bradford (F) Standing/Business
Pennacook (F) Standing/Business 33.79 Newbury Standing/Vacant
82.65 Boscawen (C) Stand./Priv./Moved Newbury ???
86.57 Gerrish (C) Standing/Vacant 34.45 Lake Sunapee Gone
89.57 Webster Place Gone 36.40 Edgemont Gone
90.53 Franklin Jct. Gone 40.10 Sunapee Depot (P) Standing/Business
91.99 Franklin (P) Gone Sunapee Depot (F) Standing/Business
Franklin (F) Gone 40.78 Guild Gone
93.87 Webster Lake Gone 43.10 Newport (P) Standing/Business
98.20 Halcyon Gone Newport (F) Gone
102.54 Andover (P) Gone 45.81 Northville Gone
Andover (F) Gone 48.15 Kellyville Gone
104.32 Potter Place (P) Standing/Society 49.73 Chandler Gone
Potter Place (F) Standing/Vacant 54.81 Claremont (P) Gone
105.51 Gale Gone Claremont (F) Gone
108.24 Converse Gone 56.71 Claremont Jct. Standing/Business
111.67 Danbury Gone
116.85 Grafton Gone
118.65 Cardigan Moved to Boscawen
124.87 Canaan (P) Standing/Business
Canaan (F) Standing/Vacant
131.66 Enfield (P) Standing/Business
Enfield (F) Standing/Business
134.25 Mascoma Gone
138.30 Lebanon (P) Gone
Lebanon (F) Standing/Business
142.55 Westboro (P) Stand./Mov./Bus.
Westboro (F) Standing/Business


Southern Division: Suncook Valley Branch Southern Division: Portsmouth Branch
(milepost: miles from Suncook) (milepost: miles from Manchester)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Suncook (C) Gone Manchester (Un.) (P) Gone
1.77 Blodgett (P) Standing/Private Manchester (Un.) (F) Standing/Vacant
5.47 Allenstown (C) Standing/Private 2.02 East Manchester Gone
8.66 Short Falls (P) Standing/Municipal 5.05 Massabesic Gone
10.92 Epsom (P) Standing/Business 6.03 Severance Gone
Epsom (F) Standing/Business 7.57 Auburn Gone
13.17 Chichester Gone 11.33 Candia Gone
15.05 Webster's Mills Gone 13.58 East Candia Gone
17.95 Pittsfield (P) Standing/Business 15.63 Onway Lake Gone
Pittsfield (F) Gone 17.49 Raymond (P) Standing/Society
20.76 Barnstead (C) Standing/Private Raymond (F) Standing/Business
22.41 Centre Barnstead (P) Gone Raymond (P orig.) Standing/Business
Centre Barnstead (F) Gone 20.86 West Epping (P) Gone
23.15 Epping (C) Standing/Business
26.01 Hedding Stand./Moved/Priv.
27.03 Littlefield Gone
30.45 Rockingham (P) Standing/Vacant
Rockingham (F) Standing/Vacant
32.42 Stratham Standing/Private
34.00 Bayside Standing/Private
36.47 Greenland Standing/Business
40.39 Portsmouth (P) Gone
Portsmouth (F) Gone


Southern Division: Bristol Branch Southern Division: Franklin and Tilton Branch
(milepost: miles from Franklin) (milepost: miles from Franklin Jct.)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Franklin (P) Gone Franklin Jct. Gone
Franklin (F) Gone 1.80 Franklin Falls (P) Gone
4.78 Oakdale Park Gone Franklin Falls (F) Standing/Business
7.16 Hill Gone 5.23 Tilton Standing/Moved
10.73 Blakes Gone
??? Profile Falls Standing/Moved
12.83 Bristol (P) Gone
Bristol (F) Gone