B&M Stations: Branch by Branch

White Mountains Division

Updated 10/30/05:

In 1923, the White Mountains Division of the B&M in New Hampshire consisted of five distinct branches, as noted below:

White Mountains Division: Main Line
(milepost: miles from Concord)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Concord (P) Gone. Main Line (cont.)
Concord (F) Gone 80.28 Oliverian Stand./Mov./Mun.
2.17 Eastside Gone 82.32 Pike Standing/Business
6.79 Boyce Gone 84.99 Haverhill Standing/Private
9.61 Canterbury (original) Standing/Private 88.54 Blackmount Standing/Private
Canterbury (replace.) Standing/Private 90.80 Horse Meadows Gone
13.19 Northfield (P) Standing/Private 93.60 Woodsville (P) Standing/Business
18.38 Northfield (F) Standing/Business Woodsville (F) Standing/Business
18.38 Tilton (P) Standing/Moved 98.79 Bath Gone
20.82 Belmont Jct. Gone 104.26 Lisbon Standing/Business
21.86 Lochmere (E. Tilton) (P) Gone 106.30 Sugar Hill Standing/Vacant
Lochmere (F) Stand./Moved/Bus. 109.73 Barrett Gone
24.69 Winnisquam Standing/Private 109.73 Barrett Gone
27.59 Laconia (P) Standing/Business Littleton (F) Standing/Business
Laconia (F) Gone 115.92 Apthorp Gone
29.04 Lakeport (P). Gone 118.05 Alder Brook Gone
Lakeport (F) Standing/Business 120.68 Wing Road Gone
33.77 Weirs Stand./Repld./Bus. 125.52 Whitefield Jct. Gone
37.70 Meredith (P) Gone 128.58 Scott Gone
Meredith (F) Standing/Business 130.38 Dalton Gone
41.06 Winona Gone 132.27 Mountorne Gone
45.78 Ashland (P) Standing/Society 136.86 Lancaster (P) Gone
Ashland (F) Standing/Business Lancaster (F) Standing/Business
47.85 Bridgewater ??? 137.69 Coos Jct. Gone
51.26 Plymouth (P) Standing/Business 142.80 Northumberland Gone
Plymouth (F) Standing/Business 146.49 Groveton (P) Standing (Un. w/ MEC)
54.00 West Plymouth Gone Groveton (F) ???
56.60 Quincy Gone 124.73 Bethlehem Jct. Gone
58.96 Rumney Gone 129.48 Twin Mountain Standing/Private
62.04 Swainboro Gone 133.22 Wh. Mt. House Gone
66.85 Wentworth Stand./Mov./Society 134.06 Fabyan (P) Standing (not orig.?)
70.63 Warren (P) Standing/Business Fabyan (F) Gone
Warren (F) Standing/Business 134.72 Bretton Woods Gone
75.44 Glencliff Gone 140.75 Base Station Gone/Replaced
[see top, right column]
White Mountains Division: Pemgewasset Valley Br. White Mountains Division: Whitefield/Jefferson Br.
(milepost: miles from Plymouth) (milepost: miles from Whitefield Jct.)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Plymouth (P) Standing/Business. Whitefield Jct. Gone
Plymouth (F) Standing/Business 0.54 Whitefield (P) Standing/Business
2.13 Livermore Falls Gone Whitefield (F) Gone
4.24 Blair Gone 3.11 Hazen Gone
5.62 Beebe River Gone 5.62 Waumbek Jct. Gone
7.37 Campton Gone 8.14 Meadows (Cherry Mt.)(P) Gone
8.93 Lyford's Siding Gone Meadows (Cherry Mt.)(F) Standing/Private
10.56 Thornton Gone 9.94 Highlands Standing/Private
13.50 West Thornton Gone 12.12 Boy Mountain Gone
16.60 Woodstock Gone 12.50 South Branch Jct. Gone
19.37 Fairview Gone 14.87 Bowman Gone
20.61 North Woodstock Gone 17.79 Appalachia Gone
21.02 Lincoln Stand./Mov./Bus. 19.01 Randolph Gone
20.63 Mt. Madison Springs ???
23.55 Gorham Gone
29.18 Berlin (P) Standing/Business
Berlin (F) ???


White Mountains Division: Tilton/Belmont Branch White Mountains Division: Bethlehem Branch
(milepost: miles from Tilton) (milepost: miles from Bethlehem Jct.) [summer service only]
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Tilton. (P) Standing/Moved Bethlehem Jct. Gone
2.44 Belmont Jct. Gone 1.94 Maplewood Standing/Vacant
3.25 Gardner's Grove Gone 3.99 Bethlehem Standing/Private
4.60 Tioga Gone
6.52 Belmont Gone

A sixth branch, the Waumbek Branch, was defunct before 1923 but ran as follows:

White Mountains Division: Waumbek Branch Branch
(milepost: miles from Meadows/Cherry Mountain)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Meadows (P) Gone
Meadows (F) Standing/Private
1.00 Thayers Mills Gone
3.5 Jefferson (at the Waumbek Hotel) Gone