B&M Stations: Branch by Branch

Portland Division

Updated:  2/6/18

In 1923, the Portland Division of the B&M in New Hampshire consisted of eight distinct branches, as noted below:

Portland Division: Lakeport Branch Portland Division: Main Line via Portsmouth
(milepost: miles from Dover) (milepost: miles from Boston)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Dover (P) Standing/Railroad 41.47 Atlantic Gone
Dover (F) Gone 42.66 Seabrook Gone
4.35 Cocheco Gone 44.36 Hampton Falls Standing/Private/Moved
5.93 Pickering Gone 46.52 Hampton Standing/Business
7.86 Gonic (P) Gone Hampton Standing/Business
Gonic (F) Standing/Vacant 48.69 North Hampton (P) Standing/Business
9.92 Rochester (P) Gone North Hampton (F) Standing/Business
Rochester (F) Standing/Business 51.40 Breakfast Hill Gone
14.53 Place Standing/Private 56.91 Portsmouth (P) Gone
17.52 Farmington (P) Gone Portsmouth (F) Gone
Farmington (F) Standing 69.99 Salmon Falls Gone
21.48 Davis Gone 72.61 Foundry Gone
23.10 New Durham (P) Standing/Business 73.39 Somersworth (P) Standing/Business
New Durham (F) Standing/Municipal Somersworth (F) Gone
26.50 Alton (P) Gone 79.93 Rochester (P) Gone
Alton (F) Standing/Vacant Rochester (F) Standing/Business
Alton (F) Standing/Vacant 84.91 Hayes (C) Standing/Private
28.09 Alton Bay (P) Standing/Business 87.81 Milton (P) Gone
Alton Bay (F) Standing/Business/Moved Milton (F) Standing/Business
29.28 Keewaydin Gone 93.47 Union (P) Standing/Private
29.84 Loon Cove Moved to Alton Union (F) Standing/???
30.33 Buckley Gone 97.81 Sanbornville (P) Standing/Private
30.77 Brookhurst Gone Sanbornville (F) Gone
31.71 Mt. Major Gone 99.49 Wakefield (C) Gone
33.28 Woodlands Gone 103.14 Burleyville (P) Standing/Private
34.81 West Alton Standing/Private Burleyville (F) Gone
35.40 Smith's Point Gone 106.09 Mathews (C ) Gone
36.09 Springhaven Standing/Private 111.21 Ossipee (P) Standing/Vacant
36.81 Ames Standing/Private/Moved Ossipee (F) Standing/Vacant
37.45 Terrace Hill Gone 116.13 Mountainview (P) Standing Business
38.00 Lake Shore Park Standing/Business Mountainview (F) Standing/Business
38.90 Greystone Gone 118.94 Lakewood (C) ???
39.76 Belknap Point Gone 121.76 Mount Whiitier (P) Standing/Business
40.53 Glendale Moved/Private Mount Whittier (F) Standing/Vacant
41.53 Gilford (Sanders) Moved/Private 126.52 Madison (P) Standing/Municipal
41.75 Meadowbrook Gone Madison (F) Standing/Vacant
42.86 Lily Pond Gone 133.54 Conway (P) Gone
45.17 Lakeport (P) Gone Conway (F) Standing/Railroad
Lakeport (F) Standing/Business 138.86 North Conway (P) Standing/Railroad
North Conway (F) Standing/Railroad
140.49 Intervale (C) Moved/Private


Portland Division: Merimack Branch Branch Portland Division: Somersworth Branch
(milepost: miles from Newton Jct.) (milepost: miles from Rollinsford)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Newton Jct. (P) Stand./Priv./Partial Rollinsford (P) Gone
Newton Jct. (F) Standing/Business 0.90 Crocketts Crossing Gone
1.61 Newton Stand./Priv./Moved 1.94 Foundry Gone
2.71 Somersworth (P) Standing/Business
Somersworth (F) Standing/???


Portland Division: Main Line via Dover Portland Division: Dover Branch
(milepost: miles from Boston) (milepost: miles from Portsmouth)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
36.45 Atkinson (P) Gone (burned) Portsmouth (P) Gone
Atkinson (F) Gone (collapsed) Portsmouth (F) Gone
37.27 Westville Gone 0.84 Freeman's Point Gone
38.29 Plaistow Standing/Business 1.97 Piscataqua Gone
40.75 Newton Jct. (P) Stand./Priv./Partial 3.17 Rollins Farm Gone
Newton Jct. (F) Standing/Private 3.61 Shipyards Gone
42.30 Russ Crossing Gone 4.20 Newington Standing/Private
44.53 Powwow River (Repl) Stand./Moved/Priv. 4.71 Dover Point ???
45.52 East Kingston (P) Standing/Private 5.48 Hilton ???
East Kingston (F) Gone 6.72 Bellamy ???
50.40 Exeter (P) Stand./Bus./Rail. 7.90 Cushing ???
Exeter (F) Gone 9.62 Sawyer ???
54.38 Newfields (C) Gone 10.48 Folsom St. Gone
55.36 Rockingham Jct. (P) Standing/Vacant 10.98 Dover (P) Standing/Railroad
Rockingham Jct. (F) Gone 11.50 Dover (F) Gone
57.18 Newmarket (P) Standing/Business
Newmarket (F) Standing/Business
61.68 Durham (P) Stand./Bus./Rail.
Durham (F) Standing/Business
63.79 Madbury Gone
67.08 Dover (P) Standing/Railroad
67.50 Dover (F) Gone
69.83 Rollinsford Gone
71.07 Salmon Falls Gone


 Portland Division: Wolfeboro Branch Portland Division: Manchester/Lawrence Branch
(milepost: miles from Sanbornville) (milepost: miles from South Lawrence)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Sanbornville (P) Standing/Private 3.88 Hampshire Roads Gone
1.94 Brookfield (C) Gone 7.03 Salem (P) Standing/Business
5.77 Cotton Valley Gone Salem (F) Gone
8.80 Fernald (C) Gone/"new" station 8.84 Canobie Lake Gone
10.56 Lake Wentworth Gone 12.90 Windham Jct. (P) Standing/Municipal
11.50 Wolfeboro Falls (C) Gone Windham Jct. (F) Standing/Municipal
11.98 Wolfeboro (P) Stand./Mun./Bus. Windham Jct. (orig.) Standing/Private/Moved
Wolfeboro (F) Standing/Business 16.06 Derry (P) Standing/Business
12.01 Wolfeboro Dock (P) Standing/Business Derry (F) Standing/Business
19.37 Wilson Gone
21.17 Londonderry Gone
23.55 Willey Gone
27.27 Manchester (P) Gone
Manchester (F) Standing/Vacant