B&M Stations: Branch by Branch

Worcester, Nashua & Portland Division

Updated 6/21/11

 In 1923, the Worcester, Nashua & Portland Division of the B&M in New Hampshire consisted of six distinct branches, as noted below:

Worc. Nash. & Port. Div.: Main Line Worc. Nash. & Port. Div: North Weare Branch
(milepost: miles from Worcester) (milepost: miles from Manchester)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
39.69 Hollis (P) Gone Manchester (Union) (P) Gone
Hollis (F) Gone Manchester (Union) (F) Standing/Vacant
45.16 Nashua (City) (P) Gone 1.02 West Manchester Gone
Nashua (City) (F) Standing/Business 4.26 Grasmere Jct. Gone
Nashua (City) (F) Standing/Vacant 5.21 Grasmere Gone
45.86 Nashua (Union) (P) Gone 7.35 Shirley Hill Gone
Nashua (Union) (F) Standing/Business 8.12 Goffstown (P) Standing/Business
48.28 Hudson Standing/Municipal Goffstown (F) Standing/Business
52.05 Anderson Gone (burned 1999) 9.62 Parker Standing/Private/Moved
56.00 Windham Jct. (P) Standing/Municipal 12.28 Lang Standing/Vacant
Windham Jct. (F) Standing/Municipal 14.81 New Boston Standing/Private
Windham Jct. (orig.) Standing/Private 10.58 Riverdale Gone
59.97 Hubbard ??? 12.31 Sargent Gone
61.85 Hampstead Gone 14.87 Everett Gone
64.64 Sandown Standing/Society 16.11 East Weare Gone
69.59 Fremont Standing/Private 19.22 North Weare Gone
Fremont Standing/Private 22.02 Colby Gone
74.03 Epping (P) Standing/Private 25.03 Henniker Jct. Gone
Epping (F) Stand./Mov./Mun.
79.21 Lee Gone
87.68 Barrington (P) Gone
Barrington (F) Stand./Mov./Private
92.18 West Gonic (P) Standing/Private
94.31 Rochester (P) Gone
Rochester (F) Standing/Business
96.88 Rindgemere Gone
Worc. Nash. & Port. Div.: Keene Branch Worc. Nash. & Port. Div: (Worc &) Hillsboro Branch
(milepost: miles from Nashua) (milepost: miles from Worcester)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Nashua (Union) (P) Gone 39.70 Rand Gone
Nashua (Union) (F) Standing/Business 40.62 Thomas Gone
0.82 Nashua (City) (P) Gone 41.84 West Rindge Standing/Private
Nashua (City) (F) Standing/Business 43.30 Woodmere Gone
Nashua (City) (F) Standing/Vacant 45.35 East Jaffrey (P) Standing/Business
4.54 Blood Gone East Jaffrey (F) Gone
6.29 South Merrimack Gone 47.02 Pierce's Crossing Gone
9.13 Ponemah Gone 47.95 Hadley Gone
10.70 East Milford Standing/Business 49.36 Drury Gone
11.83 Milford (P) Standing/Business 50.48 Noone Gone
Milford (F) Standing/Business 51.90 Peterborough Gone
13.78 Richardson Gone 53.60 Tarbell Gone
15.47 Pine Valley Gone 55.26 Nahor Gone
16.22 Wilton (P) Standing/Business 56.80 Cavender Gone
Wilton (F) Standing/Business 59.13 Elmwood Gone
20.02 South Lyndeboro (orig) Stand./Mov./Private 61.25 Bennington Standing/Business
South Lyndeboro (repl) Gone 63.19 Antrim Gone
South Lyndeboro (F) Stand./Mov./Private 66.30 West Deering Standing/Private/Moved
24.40 Russell Gone 67.25 Holton Gone
26.86 Greenfield Standing/Business 70.01 Hillsboro (P) Gone
31.13 South Bennington Gone Hillsboro (F) Standing/Business
32.27 Elmwood Gone 75.07 Emerson Standing/Private
35.60 Hancock Standing/Municipal 76.57 Henniker (P) Standing/Business
40.20 Eastview Gone Henniker (F) Standing/Freight
43.11 Harrisville Standing/Municipal Henniker (orig.) Standing/Private
40.13 Chesham Standing/Private 77.40 Henniker Jct. Gone
49.89 Marlboro Standing/Business 81.66 West Hopkinton Gone
56.80 Keene (P) Gone 84.67 Contoocook Standing/Business
Keene (F) Gone
Worc. Nash. & Port. Div.: Manch./Milf. Branch Worc. Nash. & Port. Div: Acton Branch
(milepost: miles from Grasmere Jct.) (milepost: miles from Nashua)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
Grasmere Jct. Gone Nashua (Union) (P) Gone
1.32 Tirrell Hill Gone Nashua (Union) (F) Standing/Business
3.47 Holwood Gone 0.79 Nashua (Otterson St) Gone
5.29 Bedford Gone
7.80 South Bedford Gone
10.51 Stowell Gone
12.81 Baboosic Lake Gone
15.32 Amherst Gone
18.52 East Milford Stand./Mov./Buiness