Grand Trunk Stations: Branch by Branch

Main Line: Portland to Island Pond

Updated 8/27/99:

 In 1907, the Main Line (Portland to Island Pond) of the Grand Trunk Railway through New Hampshire stopped at the following stations:

Portland to Island Pond: Main Line
(milepost: miles from Portland, ME)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
85.53 Shelburne (P) ??? Main Line (cont.)
Shelburne (F) ??? 113.98 Percy (P) ???
91.14 Gorham (P) Standing/Society Percy (F) ???
Gorham (F) ??? 116.10 Stark (C) ???
97.66 Berlin (P) Standing/Business 121.79 Groveton (P) Standing/Vacant
Berlin (F) ??? Groveton (F) Gone
103.14 Copperville (P) ??? 126.07 Stratford Hollow (C) Standing/Business
109.03 West Milan (C) ??? 130.54 Beatties (No struct.) ---
111.23 Crystal (platform only) ??? 134.17 North Stratford (P) Standing/Railroad
North Stratford (F) Gone