B&M Stations: Branch by Branch

Fitchburg Division

Updated: 3/12/06

  In 1923, the Fitchburg Division of the B&M in New Hampshire consisted of 2 distinct branches, as noted below:

Fitchburg Division: Main Line Fitchburg Division: Greenville/Milford Branch
(milepost: miles from Boston, MA) (milepost: miles from Ayer, MA)
Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use Milepost Station (Type) Current Status/Use
70.93 State Line Gone 12.89 West Hollis Gone
76.28 Fitzwilliam Standing/Vacant 15.40 South Brookline Gone
Fitzwilliam Standing/Vacant 16.18 Brookline Standing/Private
81.55 Troy (P) Standing/Private 18.41 North Brookline Gone
Troy (F) Standing/??? 22.74 South Milford Gone
85.30 Webb Gone 24.27 Milford (P) Standing/Business
89.22 Joslin Gone Milford (F) Standing/Business
91.28 Keene (P) Gone 16.25 Mason Standing/Private
Keene (F) Gone 19.11 Pratt Gone
100.36 Gilboa Gone 23.68 Greenville (P) Gone
103.66 Westmoreland Gone Greenville (F) Standing/Business
109.82 Walpole Gone
112.57 Cold River Gone