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Railroad Stations in New Hampshire, now in its twenty-fifth year, is a site devoted to the history, location, and uses of railroad depots, whether still standing or long gone, throughout the ten counties of New Hampshire.  Readers are invited to consult the tables and links below and to submit additions, corrections, and photos to make this a more detailed, more precise, and more complete site.


***Bad/Good News:  The Maplewood Station has been razed at its original site but is expected to be saved, moved, and reconstructed/restored nearby!  Donate here to the station restoration fund: Just Be Historical: Save the Station 

Help Preserve the station at Newington:  Save the Seven list of the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.


Anyone interested in seeking out the stations listed on this website or the locations where former stations once stood is strongly urged to consult Matt Cosgro's excellent website   Nashua City Station for clear maps of every station site in the state of New Hampshire (and throughout New England).

      Notice:  The site includes a gallery of scans of New Hampshire railroad depot paintings (and a few others of railroad interest) done by New Hampshire artist Arch McDonnell, mostly in the 1970's and 1980's.

   Can You Help?  Can you help to resolve any of the various depot mysteries on the site's Verify Page?

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Current Total: 231 standing stations listed / 606 different stations pictured

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 Navigating the Stations:

A few notes if you're planning on visiting these stations:

  • In this post-9/11 world, be careful not to behave so as to raise suspicions, especially around railroad installations (yards, bridges, structures). Carry identification and if asked, be forthright about who you are and what your intentions are.
  • Stations listed as Private are usually someone's home. Some people don't care that you like trains and don't want anyone around taking pictures. Ask first!
  • Stations listed as Business are just that, and photos can be easily had.
  • Stations listed as Municipal are local/state run offices such as police, fire, library, highway, and village offices. Hours are usually 9-5 if you want to look around.
  • Stations listed as Society are owned by a society, and may also contain a museum.
  • Track is In Use means that there is an active railroad using the tracks. Be careful around the tracks and always ask for permission when on railroad property.
  • Station Type = Combination, Freight, and Passenger.
  • "Moved" means that the address given is the current, not the original location of the station. Consult "Notes" column.

If I don't have a piece of information, such as a built date or street, you'll see a ???. Please e-mail me a message if you are able to contribute information to this page. Be sure to include what station you are referring to (railroad and city).

Photos: A camera alilcam.gif (72 bytes) next to a town or city name indicates a photo of that station located in the archive; a blue camera indicates an historical map image of the station.  Click on either camera to see the image.  As I often receive duplicate photos or different views of the same station, I will occasionally rotate different people's photos on the county pages. If you send me a photo scan, I will inscribe an attribution to you; if you prefer to do it yourself, please inscribe in small letters at top or bottom the year of the photo, and your full name. I typically will list multiple camera symbols; on the Counties pages, this usually signifies current photos plus black-and-white images from days gone by (for purposes of comparison), while on the Other Stations Page, these usually signify multiple "historical" black-and-white photos. I believe that all photos included at this site that are not attributed to the individuals who submitted them are in the public domain and that their use does not violate any copyright laws; please write to me if you know this not to be the case for any image here.  For the record, I allow no advertising and make no money from the site; in fact, it costs me money to maintain it.



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(By the way, I was 11 years old when they tore down this beautiful old B. L. Gilbert depot in 1962.  I'd like to say that I remember it, but I don't know that I do.)     --GL


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