Field Operatives

Updated: 1/14/18

 The following people have contributed station data, photos, suggestions, comments, and other information, without which this web site would not exist. By including a list of their names on the web page, I wish to thank them publicly for their interest in my project and their generous assistance in its creation. Anyone who finds his/her name on the list but prefers not to be named, or anyone whose name belongs here but has inadvertantly been left out is asked to e-mail me. Any new contributors will also be listed here.


I am especially grateful to the following operatives (alphabetically):

Dick Barrett Matt (Trainman) Cosgro Scott Currier Conrad Ekstrom
Steve Fisk Fred Hatch Tom Heath Art Hobart
Kenyon Karl George Kenson Steve LaBonte Bob LaPointe
Dave LaPointe Doris LaPointe Kate LaPointe Susan LaPointe
Pat LaPointe Tom LaPointe Steve Lux Christopher Marshall
John Roy Rick Russack Scott Whitney Buddy Winiarz


I am also much indebted to these people [alphabetically]:

Todd Adams

Bob Allen

Robert Ames

Jay Ballard

Nate Beyea

Keith Blake

Ruth Broderick

Janet Webster Brown

Jeremy Cahill

Bill Calef

Kevin Carnevale

Eric Cilley

Mike Clements

Richard Conard

Marty Cornelissen

Rob Davis

Will Davis

John Dietz

Donald Dillaby

Dave Drake

James Dufour

Bob English

Bill Fessenden

Roland Garland

David Govatski

Maureen Hadley

John Hammond

David Haney

Brian Hebert

Gayle Hedrington

Ed Hiller

Jay Hogan

Cy Hosmer

Howie Howe

Jon Hubbard

Bob Huberdeau

Bob Joseph

Kevin Keller

Joe Kurland

Dave Lamson

James Larson

Randy Leclair

Alain Lepain

Joe Labbe

Chris Leupold

Bill Lipfert

Dick Lord

Michael Lyczak

Ian MacMillan

Diana Magnuson

Scott Magnuson

Mick Maguire

Dick Makse

Dane Malcom

Jesse Mazzie

Al McCann
Chris McLeer

Corin Meehan

Matt Menzi

Peter Michaud

Jonathan Miner

Paul Moccia

Charles Muller

Richard Muse

Dennis Olden

Dennis Pavlicek

John Peltonen

Art Peterson

Jerry Quinn

Reuben Rajala

Mark Sage

Jessie Salisbury

Peter Schwartz

William Sheppard

Cyndy Sinville

Jim Slocombe

Kevin M. Smith

Ruth Speed

Dean Splittgerber

Carl Tuke

Earl Tuson

Charlie Vasiliades

Jon Webster

Don Wendell

Jonathan White

George Whittum

Dace Winzeler

John A. Young