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KinderFluteTM is a joyful music program for children ages 4ish-8 which teaches young children to play the flute using scaled-down instruments. Students attend weekly private lessons as well as occasional group classes. Students are taught music reading skills, music theory and history, composition, ear training, good practice techniques and ensemble and performance skills.

KinderFlute teaches children not only to play the flute but also helps to nurture a lifelong love of music---but that is only the beginning.  We have an intense desire to see each child realize their potential in all areas of their lives. Through learning to listen, finger, produce a beautiful tone, read music, compose, and creatively express themselves, students are firing areas of the brain to make learning in all areas more productive. The group lessons are carefully planned to maximize learning potential. Movement and games are a major component so that students maintain a keen sense of alertness. A typical KinderFlute class includes flute ensemble work, fun breathing exercises, music theory, use of percussion instruments to internalize rhythms, movement games such as parachute activities and relay races designed to reinforce concepts and improve cognitive understanding of rhythm and listening.

Parents are encouraged to observe both the private lessons and group classes so they can assist with home practice. This is especially important with younger students.

An early start in music provides your child with a passion that lasts a lifetime and stimulation for brain growth that can positively enhance physical, cognitive and emotional functioning.

Regular flute instruction is also available. 

The following videos are of Kathy Blocki, the creator of KinderFluteTM and Blocki Flute Method working with young students.



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