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Railroad Stations in Massachusetts, now in its twentieth year, is a site devoted to the history, location, and uses of railroad depots, whether still standing or long gone, throughout the thirteen counties of Massachusetts. Readers are invited to consult the tables and links below and submit additions, corrections, photos, and comments to make this a more detailed, more precise, and more complete site.

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Current Total: 303 standing stations listed / 1198 different stations pictured

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If I don't have a piece of information, such as a built date or street, you'll see a ???. Please e-mail me a message if you are able to contribute information to this page. Be sure to include what station you are referring to (railroad and city).

Photos: A camera alilcam.gif (72 bytes) next to a town or city name indicates a photo of that station located in the archive; a red camera indicates an historical map image of the station.  Click on either camera to see the image.  As I often receive duplicate photos or different views of the same station, I may occasionally rotate different people's photos on the county pages. If you send me a photo scan, please inscribe in small letters at top or bottom a copyright symbol, the year of the photo, and your full name; see the photo above as a example. I typically list multiple camera symbols; on the Counties pages, this usually signifies a current photo plus a black-and-white image from days gone by (for purposes of comparison), while on the Other Stations Page, these signify multiple "historical" black-and-white photos. I believe that all photos included at this site that are not attributed to the individuals who submitted them are in the public domain and that their use does not violate any copyright laws; please write to me if you know this not to be the case for any photo here.



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