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Updated: 8/1/18

In keeping this page, I frequently receive tips of one kind or another from a variety of sources that other stations not currently listed on the County Pages are still standing. Newspapers, magazines, books, newsletters, pamphlets--all are valuable for the hints and suggestions that they give, as are the reports of friends, field operatives, and Internet surfers. Occasionally specific details are supplied, but more often the report is on the order of "I heard from someone that Smalltown Station was moved years ago to Bigville." Anyone with information on any of the stations below is asked to e-mail me.  In particular, I am interested in knowing the current and, if moved, the original location (town, address) of the station; what type it is (passenger, freight, combination); its current use (municipal, railroad, business, private, vacant); whether tracks are still there and what railroad, if any, is currently operating; and any other interesting notes or features.

         To people kind enough to write and supply information:  sometimes different people will "verify" different things about the same station.  If you have sent along "verifying" information which has not been posted, please  be patient and understand that I am trying to work my way through the conflicting reports that I receive.  See below for resolutions to former queries.

Current/Active Queries:

City/Town County Type Remarks
Mystery Depots ??? ??? 1) Can anyone identify this interesting Massachusetts station? alilcam.gif (72 bytes)   

2) Is this station alilcam.gif (72 bytes) in Massachusetts, as reported?  Where?   

3) Since this alilcam.gif (72 bytes) isn't Rowley alilcam.gif (72 bytes) (as was reported), what is it? 

4) Can anyone identify this alilcam.gif (72 bytes) apparent trolley station (does that say "B&N Waiting Room"?)   

5) Can anyone identify this structure alilcam.gif (72 bytes) marked "B&M Freight Station"? 

6) Is this Sharon Heights?     

7) Can anyone recognize this structure said to be near Fall River?  

8) Can anyone identify this structure said to be in Hampshire County?      

Browns Crossing ??? Pass. Can someone identify this postcard view alilcam.gif (72 bytes) of a B&M station marked on the card as "Browns Crossing"? Does anyone know where that was? 
Browns Crossing ??? Pass. Does anyone recognize this postcard view alilcam.gif (72 bytes) also identified as "Browns Crossing," though not marked as such on the card?  Is it the former Old Colony Browns/Northville flagstop?
Walkers Corner ??? Pass Does anyone know the whereabouts of Walkers Corner on the Eastern Massachusetts Street Railroad, as pictured here? alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Hyannis Barnstable Pass. Is the original depot still standing somewhere in Hyannis?
Harwichport/South       Chatham Barnstable Pass. Is this South Chatham station alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes) the building reported to me as having been moved to Harwichpost?  (Address?)
South Harwich Barnstable Pass. Is this South Harwich station alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes) ?
South Wellfleet Barnstanble Pass. Can someone confirm that this structure is the former South Wellfleet depot alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes), converted to a garage, or that it is still standing (also said to have been demolished in 1939)?
North Adams Berkshire ??? Does anyone have any information about this PanAm Railways structure alilcam.gif (72 bytes)on Christopher Columbus Drive iin North Adams. 
Stockbridge Berkshire Pass. Has the Stockbridge depot been sold recently?  Does anyone know to what uses it has currently been put?
Pittsfield Berkshire Pass. Is the 1965 passenger station that replaced the 2nd Union Station (and was itself replaced by the 1981 Amshack) still in use as the Yard Office in the Pittsfield yards?
Fall River Bristol Pass. Were either or both of these structures alilcam.gif (72 bytes) ever depots in the Fall River area, as is claimed by the realty agency selling them?
Whittenton Jct. Bristol Pass. Is this station, identified as "Whitton Jct.," really the former depot at Whittenon Jct.? alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Oak Bluffs Dukes Pass. Was this a structure at Oak Bluffs, on Martha's Vineyard, either of the narrow-gauge railroad or of the trolley line? alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)   (Herman Page's book on Martha's Vineyard suggests otherwise.)
Georgetown Essex Pass. Is the former Georgetown replacement station alilcam.gif (72 bytes) (or even the original depot alilcam.gif (72 bytes)) now part of the Acme Vault Co., at 60 School St. in Groveland?
Gloucester (?) Essex Pass. Does anyone recognize this structure alilcam.gif (72 bytes) somewhere n the Gloucester area (pictured here in a real estate image) as a station?
Lynn Essex Pass. Can someone identify the depot in this image inscribed "Lynn, Mass."alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Lynn Common Essex Frt. Is there a freighthouse standing on Western Avenue?
Newbury Essex Pass. Where does the cream & Maroon structure behind Newbury Auto Salvage (60 Newburyport Turn.) come from?  Is it a station?
Newburyport Essex Pass. Would this be the Newburyport Wharf station on the Newburyport Branch of the Eastern RR?alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Salisbury Beach Essex Pass. Was this structure down near the end of Railroad Ave. ever a train or trollet depot? alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Stevens Essex Pass. Still standing on the Parson Barnard House grounds?
Buckland Franklin Pass. Is there any reason to believe that this structure alilcam.gif (72 bytes) is the V&M/B&M depot in Buckland?
Monroe Bridge Franklin Pass. Is there any reason to believe that the original Hoosic Tunnel and Wilmington passenger depot alilcam.gif (72 bytes) is still standing somewhere in the area? (For certain, it is not on site.)
Orange Franklin Frt. Is this structure alilcam.gif (72 bytes), on the north side of the tracks and east the former depot site, a former freighthouse?
Springfield Hampden Frt. Is there a late model (1975) freighthouse standing on Chestnut St.?
Dwight Hampshire Pass. Can someone confirm that this structure alilcam.gif (72 bytes) was in fact the Central Vermont station at Dwight?
Southampton Hampshire Pass. Can someone explain whether both of these stations were at Southampton, and if so, which was orginal and which a replacement?
North Amherst Hampshire Frt. Is the North Amherst ("Cushman") CV freighthouse still standing on Pine St.?
Bennett Hall/ Billerica Middlesex Pass. Is the Billerica depot known as Bennett Hall still standing? alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Darlings Middlesex Pass.? Frt? Is the wood structure behind the brick building off Dilla St. the original passenger or freight station at Darlings?alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Mt. Auburn Middlesex Pass. Can someone confirm that the former Fitchburg/B&M Mt. Auburn depot is now a private home at 259 Mt. Auburn St. in Cambridge? photo link
North Sudbury Middlesex Pass. Still standing? alilcam.gif (72 bytes) See Steve Fisk's "Mystery Page"
Oak Hill Middlesex Pass. Is this Oak Hill on the Billerioca & Bedford branch?
Somerville Highlands/ North Somerville Middlesex Pass. Are either/both of these depots (SomHgh: L&A;  NoSom: B&L) still standing-- addresses? (see article ).
South Billerica Middlesex Pass. Said to still be standing but moved from trackside and part of a house. Any idea where this structure might be?
Westford/Forge Village Middlesex Pass. This has been reported as moved and turned into a private residence-- any confirmation?
Abington Plymouth Pass. Despite report, no depot or express office at 10 Pleasant St., Abington.  Anyone know to what this might refer instead?
Green Harbor/Webster Place Plymouth Pass. Is one of two structures near Rte. 139 (Careswell St.) and Prince Circle the original Green Harbor/Webster Place passenger station? alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Marion Plymouth Pass. Robert Farson's RR's on Cape Cod (1993) reports that the original station at Marion still stands. Can someone confirm this?  Is it this or the replacement station (moved across the street) that still stands, or do both?
Milford Worcester Frt. Still standing at 51 Depot St.--is this building really a freighthouse?alilcam.gif (72 bytes)
Northboro Worcester Frt. Still standing? Address? See Steve Fisk's "Mystery Page" for this structure.
Oakdale Worcester Pass. Can someone verify that the current alilcam.gif (72 bytes) 16 North Main St., Oakdale, is some kind of later replacement B&M station?
Old Furnace Worcester Pass. Can someone verify that the structure currently occupying the site of the former Old Furnace B&A station was/is a railroad freighthouse?
Princeton Worcester Frt. or Pass.? Can someone verify that this nearly trackside structure alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes) is either the passenger or the freight station at Princeton, as reported by a realtor?
Southville Worcester Pass. Is it the case that the stone Boston & Albany depot from Southville was moved to the town of Dublin, NH?



Note: Recent Developments/Resolutions/Discoveries:

            --Marbleridge station is still standing on Marbleridge Road in Andover, Essex County: alilcam.gif (72 bytes)

           -- One Turnpike depot alilcam.gif (72 bytes) was the NH depot in Plymouth County; the other alilcam.gif (72 bytes) was the B&M depot in Middlesex County

           -- The freighthouse at Wachusett alilcam.gif (72 bytes) in Worcester County has been razed.

           -- The structure standing in Deerfield alilcam.gif (72 bytes) in Franklin County is a replica, not a remodeled original stataion.

           -- This structure alilcam.gif (72 bytes) in North Adams (Berkshire County), which sat 100' down the tracks from the larger, steepled Union Station, was a RR building but not a depot.

           -- The former BRB&L Harbor View depot alilcam.gif (72 bytes)alilcam.gif (72 bytes) is now a private home on Cowper St. in the Harbor View neighborhood. photo link