......Change of Venue

   "Arnie's charge"

"....and remember,if you don't like the weather, Move!"

- George Carlin on the weather 

"Movin to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches"...

- Presidents

Augusta, Georgia has much to offer including (I'm sure) peaches, beautiful
weather, friendly people, the Master's Tournament, barrel racing; and it has
become my new hometown and workplace. Located along the Savannah river, Augusta
has both southern charm and cosmopolitan culture.


  River Walk				 	Ampitheatre on the Savannah

9th Street Fountain


Stevens Creek					Pheasant Run				

Most people associate Augusta (2nd largest city in GA) with the Master's, but there 
is much more history here that is not common knowledge. For thousands of years 
(11,000+) Augusta and its surroundings have been a crossroads as a trading post for 
Native Americans - as well as a part of the history of  this great country; 
pre revolutionary (Hernando DeSoto traveled through this area in 1540) revolutionary 
(Mayham Tower helped defeat the British at Fort Cornwallis), independence (George 
Walton & Lyman Hall, Georgia signatories of the Declaration of Independence, are 
buried here) civil war (Confederate Powder Works) baseball (Ty Cobb lived here and 
played for the Augusta Tourists before going to the Detroit Tigers) medicine (Medical 
College of Georgia, chartered 1828) and more....

  Beyond Augusta               


  Ft. Yargo					Duluth at Dusk

More GA...


Road Trip!


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