I'm 44 years old (birthday September 13, 1969), I'm about 5'9, not thin (somewhat more fit though), black hair, mustache, and beard, fair skin...

I work at SPACE (the Starlight Peer Advocacy Center for Empowerment,) a member-run organization for, of, and by consumers and ex-consumers of mental health services. I've worked bookkeeping and newsletter there and now do kitchen; I like my job a lot- the obvious disadvantages (part-time at low pay), but good environment and a nice group of people. I have some other part-time jobs I might describe here sometime.

(As of January and particularly June 2003, I have a temporary/part-time job with Cornell University Plant Sciences that's going very well - data entry with slide scripts, digitizing slides, and other things. I'd say this is my main job now.)

(As of early 2005- other jobs, same place.)

I have a formal diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, a form of (or related to?) High Functioning Autism. This doesn't really show up when I talk with people over the internet, except maybe in a rambling and overly digressive speaking style, but in person the problems become clear. I don't maintain eye contact (the effort involved in doing so is exceptionally distracting) when listening to people. I don't catch "cues". In fact, I don't even seem to notice they're there (and most of the time, I don't.) It's been a real barrier for me.

Politically I come down pretty strongly as a leftist on most issues, economic, justice-related, foreign policy-related, issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, etc., or indeed many others. (There are some issues on which I do disagree rather strongly with the rest of the left and hope they'll come around to my point of view on some time, but they're not many enough for me not to consider myself a part of the left myself. It's taken me years to be able to say so proudly.)

For leisure I enjoy computer games, chatting, programming (a very little and as an amateur), netnews, reading (fantasy/scifi, politics, music), listening to classical music, writing music, writing about music, writing other things, and a list of other activities. Music is my obsession, and such time as I am not listening to it and being affected by it I am likely to be spending finding out about it, at libraries, over computers, or otherwise. I rarely feel more validated than when I have turned someone else on to a piece that means a lot to me.

Well, that in a large nutshell is perhaps more than I usually tell people about me the first few times we communicate. There's more to say, of course, and certainly if you're reading this I'd like to know anything you'd care to tell me about you.

Please consider emailing me.

(Trivia: ICQ address 7279016; twitter handle eschiss1 etc. - spammers, not welcome, interesting conversation, on the other hand- "you know, where to find me." Have since collected a couple of other messenger addresses also, esp. MSN eschiss1@hotmail.com, jabber eric.schissel@gmail.com, y!m eschiss1.)