Bernard Rogers (1893-1968)

This is not a discography. Recordings when listed are generally the one or two earliest known to me, not the most recent, and are listed just to note that a recording of some kind exists (and whether it is a commercial one - this will be updated occasionally if commercial recordings are released.)

*Another Biography and Worklist (larger)

A number of works in manuscript can be found in a collection at Sibley Library at the Eastman School, Rochester, including his 2nd (A-flat) and 3rd symphonies, brief instrumental works, songs, revised editions of scores listed above, etc., in microform, a collection they obtained in 1973. For a full list see under Bernard Rogers in their library catalog. (Bad Eric, don't give away your sources. *chuckle*)

A tape of his symphony 4 in g minor is at U Texas Austin's library (Thor Johnson cond. CBS Symphony, May 15, 1949.)

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