Not everything here is strictly onsite, but everything here was written, sequenced or somehow prepared by me (as opposed to being a link by me to someone else's work, as is the case with the offsite links.)-Eric Schissel

My Medtner Review (Fellegi's Marco Polo CD of opp. 22, 25 no. 1, 25 no. 2 - three piano sonatas.)
Midis (classical-by me, of my own music and that of a wide variety of others!)
Why these midis? Some thoughts and annotations (you may want to go here first. A sort of tour.)
The compositions of Moisei Vainberg.
Another one, this about Yevgeny Golubev.
An in-progress worklist of the music of Kurt Atterberg.
The compositions of Nicolai Miaskovskii.
Another page I wrote at the same site, about Robert Fuchs.
A Miaskovskii update.
My "Rubbra page" (it's moved- please update any bookmarks.)
Also on that page find the following three items:
A very in-progress Fuchs worklist that may eventually be part of a larger set of Fuchs pages or may not be...
Jim Moskowitz's Unknown Composers page. (This is the main thing here, of course, that I didn't do, though I did contribute to it!)
A worklist in progress for Bernard Rogers.

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