The Muse (Die Muse) (Pushkin) (Translation into English based on that of Edna Iles)

When I was young, she gave me her love,
The Syrinx-of-seven-sounds did she give me.
She listened to my playing with a smile- and quietly
I was playing, encouraged, soon-
With weak, childish fingers
The hymns magnificent, inspired were they by the Gods
And songs, serene, as they must have been sung
By Phrygian shepherds.

From early, to late- listened I
Eagerly in the shadow of quiet oaks
to the theories of the mysterious virgin
which gave my heart happiness most rare...
And threw curls back from clear, lovely brow.
Herself from without my hand, the pipes she gently took.
The reeds were filled with life
Inspired with her spirit
And my heart was filled with wondrous joy and holy rapture.

(Set to music by Nicolai Medtner (1880-1951))

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