Atterberg: Works

This list is in progress. (Eric Schissel, May 24 2001.) Also see the page of the Atterberg Archive which contains information not available elsewhere.

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Op. 1. Rhapsody for piano and orchestra. (1909, revised 1912 and 1956.)

Op. 3. Symphony no. 1 in b minor. Published by Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig, ca. 1924.

Op. 6. Symphony no. 2 in F major. Published by A. B. Nordiska Musikforlaget, Stockholm, ca. 1916.

Op. 7. Concerto for violin and orchestra in e minor. Pub. Nordiska Musikforlaget, Stockholm, ca. 1919. Pub. in an arrangement for violin and piano by Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig ca. 1924.

Op. 8. Requiem. (Cantata. Gedicht von G. Schlyter. Translated by Fritz Tutenberg. For chorus (solo) and organ or orchestra.) (1914)

Op. 9. Per Svinaherde for piano. Published by Nordiska Musikforlaget, Stockholm ca. 1915. A ballet (also for orchestra?)

Op. 10. Symphony no. 3 in D major "Vastkustbilder".

Op. 11. String quartet in b minor. Published by Musikaliska Komstforeningen, Stockholm ca. 1919.

Op. 12. Harvard harpolekare. Herwarts Heimkehr. (Opera.) (Acts I, II. Opus 50 is Act III.) (Worked on by Tutenberg, who translated the text into German, and Ture Rangstrom.)

Op. 14. Symphony no. 4 in g minor "Sinfonia piccola" nach schwedischen volkmelodien. Published by F.E. Leuckart in Leipzig, in the 1910s. (Has a later version of 1947.)

Op. 15. Hostballader. (Autumn-ballad.) For piano. Pub. Nordiska Musikforlaget, Stockholm & Goteborg ca. 1919.

Op. 16. Jarnbaraland. For soloists, chorus and orchestra. Published by Nordiska musikforlaget.

Op. 17. De favitska jungfrurna, rapsodi pa svenska folkmotiv (1920). Pub. Edition Suecia, Stockholm ca. 1921. Repub. Edition Svecia, ca. 1945.

Op. 18. Stormen. (1921.)

Op. 19, no. 1. Suite no. 3 for violin, viola and string orchestra (double bass ad lib.) Pub. in a new edition rev. by the composer ca. 1946.

Op. 19, no. 2. Suite no. 4 "Turandot-suite" nach alten obinnseschen melodien. Published by F.H.C. Leuckart, Leipzig in the 1920s.

Op. 20. Symphony no. 5 "Sinfonia funebre" in d minor. (Pub. Stockholm? 1947.)

Op. 21. Concerto for violoncello and orchestra (in c). Pub. by Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig ca. 1923.

Op. 22 bis. Bergslags-serenad, for string quartet or string orchestra. Published by Nordiska musikforlaget, Stockholm, ca. 1950.

Op. 23. Suite no. 5 " Barocco " for small orchestra. Pub. Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig ca. 1925.

Op. 24. Opera "Backahasten". Pub. Universal Edition, Vienna, ca. 1938.

Op. 26. Rondeau retrospectif.

Op. 27. Sonata for horn, viola, violoncello or violin and piano in b minor. Pub. Musikaliska konstforeningen, Stockholm ca. 1930.

Op. 28. Concerto for horn and orchestra in a minor. Pub. Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig ca. 1928. (Written 1927.)

Op. 29. Suite no. 7 for string quartet or string orchestra. Pub. Breitkopf & Hartel. (pub. ca. 1926. Recorded. Note: After Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra.)

Op. 31. Symphony no. 6 "Dollar-Symphony" in C-major. Pub. Universal-Edition A.G., Vienna, ca. 1928.

Op. 31 (alternate.) Piano quintet (after the 6th symphony) in C-major.

Op. 33. Alven (Der Fluss.)
Op. 34. Suite pastorale (in modo antico) for small orchestra. (New version of suite no. 8, originally called just Suite pastorale and possessing in its original version a different instrumentation from the later, strings-only one.) Published by Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig ca. 1932 and repub. by them ca. 1955.

Op. 35. "Fanal" (opera, 1932.) Published in vocal score, Stockholm, 1935.

Op. 35 bis. Four nocturnes for orchestra on music from "Fanal".

Op. 36. En Varmlandsrapsodi. (1933) Published by Universal Edition, Vienna, ca. 1935.

Op. 37. Concerto for piano and orchestra in b-flat minor. Published by Breitkopf & Hartel, Leipzig ca. 1937 (in 4-hand piano reduction, poss. also in full score, I believe.)

Op. 38. Ballad und Passacaglia, uber ein thema in schwedischen volkston fur orchester. Pub. Eulenburg, Leipzig ca. 1937.

Op. 39. String quartet.

Op. 43. Aladdin (fairy-tale opera in three acts). (1937-40.)

Op. 44. Aladdin overture. (1941.)

Op. 45. Symphony no. 7 "Romantica". (1941-2.)

Op. 46. Variations and fugue for string quartet on a theme with text by Carl Bellman.

Op. 48. Symphony no. 8 in e minor. Composed on Swedish national melodies. ( Symfoni VIII : byggd pa svenska folkmotiv, op. 48)

Op. 49. Stormen Shakespeare (1946-7) (opera).

Op. 50. Harvard harpolekare. Hervarts Heimkehr. Act III. (See op. 12.)

Op. 51. Indian tunes, for orchestra, a symphonical movement. pub. ca. 1950.

Op. 53. Sinfonia per archi: ossia, quintetto per 2 violini, viola e 2 violoncelli. (String quintet or symphony for strings.) Pub. Eulenburg, London ca. 1960. (Now recorde.)

Op. 54. Symphony no. 9 ("Visionaria" - choral. My thanks to Rob Barnett's review of the Koch Schwann CD of the cello sonata and cello concerto for this information.) (First heard 1957.) (Recorded 2000 and released 2003 on cpo- concert concurrent(?) with tapings for NDR Hannover was rebroadcast by Swedish Radio P2 and Australian Classic Radio in Dec. 2001.)

Op. 56. Ballad utan ord, for orchestra. (1957-8.)

Op. 57. Trio concertante.

Op. 57. Double concerto for violin, violoncello and orchestra. (1959-60, pub. 1961.) (The trio concertante may be this work in piano arrangement.)

Op. 58. Vittorioso. Original finale to symphony 7, op. 45.

Op. ?. Suite no. 1. for piano, two violins, and violoncello "Orientale." (1913)

Op. ?. Suite no. 2, " Mats och Petter", after (?) Jon Bauer. Fem stycken ur musiken till sagospelet. For Orchestra.(For flute, clarinet and strings, from 1915, according to Schirmer's site?)

Op. ?. Skalden Wennerbom, for two violins, violoncello and piano. After a text by Gustav Froding.

Op. ?. Valse monotone in C major for piano.

Op. ?. Rondo-overture on melodies from Birger Sjoberg's "Fridas Bok". (1956-7.)

Op. ?. Preludium och fuga for fyra strakar. (1917? if so, originally for organ, and now recorded.)

Op. ?. Incidental music to "Sister Beatrice"
Op. ?. Adagio amoroso for violin and orchestra (1967). Recorded.
Op. ?. Intermezzo (1921.) Recorded on cpo.
Op. ?. Prelude and Fugue for Organ. c. 1945, pub. Stockholm : Forenigen Svenska Tonsattare. (Related to prelude and fugue for strings, above)