A lot of fun and my current favorite is Kevin and Kell, life and times on a world of non-human intelligent (ok, ok, sentient- and generally very likeable) animals; imagine combining "modern life" of the last few years as we know it with the predator-prey, nocturnal-diurnal, and other concerns of different animal species and, well... maybe this one isn't for everyone but I decided early on it was very much for me. (Another link is through the HerdThinners site, named after the company Kell, a wolf, works for. Maybe they can more convincingly describe the comic than I can; I'm going to need to work on this entry. (But mark me in as a certified Lindesfarne fan.)

Put together some ace reporters, an eccentric hand at the camera, a boss who just isn't quite the same as the others and some downright weirdness - ok, a lot of downright weirdness and you have NewsHounds. Did I mention that the station is called KPET and that the anchors, reporters and crew are the station manager's pets? (Hrm. I have a noticeable attraction to "furry.")

Ozy and Millie is another comic I have some trouble describing- two preteens, far too wise for "their age" (not that I haven't met far too many immature 50- and 60-year-olds and wise 12-year-olds...), creative, wacky and intelligent the both of them. A "furry" strip (Ozy is an arctic fox, Millie is a red fox (thanks to the cast page for this information,) their parents come along later as does the rest of the cast...) that has a good deal to say, as the best do, about real life. I can't recommend this too highly. "Mature" in the true, not the euphemistic, sense.

The Class Menagerie (take characterful furries. Put characterful furries in college. My favorite sort of mix of hilarity and seriousness ensues. Very much a favorite...)

(There end my top 4 in basically the right order. Now begin the rest, many of which I also enjoy quite a lot, mind... and recommend very, very highly...)

(Note Dec. 13 2001, three months after my 32nd birthday.
Hardly anyone ever looks at this page, but some serious reorganization is in order. So. My main second-tier will follow- some still without descriptions, but giving them some has become somewhat a priority... - and others, well, will be bumped down for now, though they are, make no mistake, fine work, rathermuch!...)

After those top four, I recommend reading, then- (except for Paladins' Haven, which definitely deserves to be at the head of the list, the others aren't really in a particular order at the moment)
Paladins' Haven
Dex Lives
Strange Daze
Life at GPF Incorporated is always interesting, or should that be Interesting? I sometimes think anyone who's worked at a computer company in any capacity would identify with this one...
The Suburban Jungle
Schlock Mercenary
Jackie's Fridge
Gene Catlow
Unicorn Jelly (now concluded)
Absurd Notions is back.
Acid Reflux (concluded)
Blotto Street is gone at least for now.
C.Ulture Shocked (there will be no more...)

Altermeta: Change/Change

And so ends my rather large second tier, for now. I'm sure I forgot something.

But don't forget to read, either...

Clan of the Cats (a woman returns home from New York City to discover that life at home is very different from what she thought- to say more would be to give too much away, I think- very good stuff)
Some others I won't describe, but which since they're good I'll just point you to them while I think of some good descriptions...
POCKET (has been on extended hiatus)
Unlike Minerva (now over. Read archives.)
College Roomies from Hell
Mynarski Forest
Spellshocked (looked at the image page)
Snail Dust
A Doemain of Our Own
Boxjam's Doodle
Funny Farm
Bruno the Bandit
Dragon Tails
Oscar Quill & Coyle
Faux Pas
Ancient Messages (note change of URL)
Dela the Hooda
Dela the Hooda(mirror)
Dramatic Paws is back!
The Cyantia Chronicles
Queen of Wands (unfortunately now inactive. The author's future efforts will be worth reading...) (Note May 5 2001: see next line.) (Note Jan 31 2003: QoW is back and Xenith is on hiatus. Of course, this entire page is considerably out of date just now...)
Xenith (back. go. read.)
DeRaptor (back!!!!)
Lang Lang
Roomies (not the one that becomes It's Walky.)
Boston and Shaun
Other Keenspace comics I read on a regular basis.
Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
Journey to the West
Bob the Angry Flower
Unicorn and Butterfly
Fur Will Fly
The Bruno Daily Times
Sabrina Online (the new official site- however this site seems to update earlier sometimes.)
Vicki Fox
(note: some of these comics contain to a greater or lesser extent what is euphemistically known as "adult" content. The Belfry rates the "Furry" ones rather effectively. If this doesn't bother you, be assured they all have plot, characterization, and interest (and humor, in most cases) that more than justify their presence on this list... imho.)


A site to warm my Furry-Comics-loving heart... ComicsRunner, an index of Furry Comics (scrolling frame of Furry Comics links on the left, comic appears on the right). Alas some of the links are broken or need revision- perhaps there is a mailto by which to send in information on broken links to the webmaster, I just found out about this from the links page at Suburban Jungle above, which apparently sponsors it - but - great resource and a lot of fun.

And thanks to the fellow who recommended the Belfry - Furry Comics Online, another excellent resource (and wonderfully maintained!)

Not exactly a webcomic, but I like it:
This Modern World (or try here and click on "This Modern World" for the latest comic and an archive.)

Some that have for various reasons fallen into (for now, at least, but not always just for now) my rarely-read list, but your mileage may well vary. Try them anyway, you may like them. Others do.

Try Sluggy Freelance, about a rabbit and his owner (for legal liability purposes, that is), and a varied and entertaining cast...

Hound's Home

Hard to say what exactly is the topic of Avalon High, I think- a new arrival tries to fit in at a Canadian high school; we go from there- but it's very good and very funny. (Quite a number of these, more of them all the time, can be found by going directly to KeenSpot, where links to dozens (more than.) of comics can be found. I don't point you there and just leave because I want to describe my favorites ;) .)

Baughb the Elf, mythical hero of times past, is back. But is this a good thing, or not? You may want to start from the beginning with Elf Life, but if you're like me, you'll be glad you did...

My homepage.

Feedback appreciated...

Well, that's all for now...