March 28, 2009

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Barony of the Rhydderich Hael

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Welcome to the Ice Dragon A&S Competition & Displays

Much is changing in 2009! We have a brand new event site in Clarence,NY with much more space than in past Ice Dragons. This increased space opens up exciting new possibilities for the following A&S competitions and displays:

A&S Penthathlon Competition: this one-day Kingdom-wide competition is designed on two levels, for both Experienced and Novice contestants who want to test their re-creation and documentation skills in a blind-judged environment. Award ribbons are given based on scores, along with sponsored prizes; one example is the Zog Memorial Best Documentation prize of $100.00 USD.

Trials and Tribulations of an SCA Newbie (A&S display) Every SCAdian I know has helped a newbie in some way. This year, a newbie, Marilyn Monroe (mka), frantically needs your help by Ice Dragon. Click here to learn how you can help with her problems and hopes.

Fashion Show (A&S display and promenade): The Ice Dragon Fashion Show is seeking costuming/re-created garments from peasant to Royalty, covering the timeperiod between 600CE -1600CE. Please wear your best for all to see and enjoy. This is a documentation-free display and will be moderated by an Master of Ceremonies, followed by a Grand Promenade through the Event Site.

The Artisans' Retrospective (A&S display): The Pent, above, limits work to that completed in the past year. The Retrospective is looking for collections of work done over a longer timeperiod. We are especially interested in seeing your EARLIEST attempts at re-creation contrasted with your later more-accurate re-creations. We beg you to search the back of your closets and dig out those hidden, embarrassing, not-quite-right first attempts. We'd love to marvel at your improvement!!!! Encourage those who despair. We are also very interested in long-term studies of single topics. Documentation is very helpful, but not required. Previous Ice Dragon Pent winners' work is very welcome.


Pentocrat for 2009:

Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa at: LAS52 AT

There was a everyone-welcome meeting during Land Grab week at Pennsic: Friday, August 1 , 5:00 PM, AE Royal Encampment. A second Pent meeting was held during War Week on Tuesday, Aug 5 at 3:00 PM, AE Royal Encampment, especially for those who could not attend the Land Grab Meeting. Meeting notes and new idea summary coming soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To see the rules for past Ice Dragon's webpages, click the "Past Ice Dragon's" link in the left hand nav bar if you want to know how the Pent works as you prepare your entries. Each year SOMETHING changes, so check back in the Fall to see what has changed and doublecheck the final rules and regulations for your entries for 2009.


The Official Ice Dragon Event page, and the Autocrat of Ice Dragon, Augusto Giuseppie de San Donato (Joe the Just) can be reached by clicking here.(


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