Fingerloop Braiding:

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Downloadable PDF handouts:

Here are three handout pdfs for going further with Fingerloop Braiding or learning it for the first time.

I have had a wonderful time teaching all of my students- I learn more from my students each time I teach. If you come up with new braids and want to share, let me know by email ( Thanks to each and every one of you for your enthusiasm.

Three Loop Braids: the simplest for beginners(expect a 277 kb download)

Barley Corn and Spiral Fingerloop Braids (expect a 2.1 meg download on this one)

Mascle Fingerloop Braid (expect a 208 kb download)

For beginner's instructions and other patterns, please consider purchasing ($4.50!) Compleat Anachronist 108

"Fingerloop Braiding" by Lois Swales and Zoe Kuhn Williams

Go to and click on "documents and publications" to order by mail.

Errata (sorry to say) in CA 108 are found below*

* Most especially No. 7, The Lace Mascle - this was translated straight from the manuscript source, but that source had a serious structural error. See the Mascle Fingerloop Braid pdf above for a better version.

Also, No. 17 and No 18, A Brode Lace Parti and a Round Lace Parti: Turn ONLY the top loop around 360 degrees, not BOTH loops on one hand. (top loop = over bow on same hand).

And the schematic is incorrect for No 3, 2 strings att once: the instructions in words are correct - go thru two loops (not one loop as is shown in the schematic).

If you find that you are having trouble learning the basics or teaching beginners from CA 108, try the three loop braid instructions pdf above. I have been having good luck starting newbies with this approach. They seem to be able to go on to 4-5-6-7 loop braids with confidence on their own.




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