Pennsic Chirurgeonate Comparison Report*

Pennsics XXX thru XXXIII (2001-2004)

Prepared by Statistician Master Bedwyr Danwyn**

The following information is provided to assist future Pennsic staff to better plan for safer Wars. The data is presented to quickly illustrate general trends, since most users do not need exact numbers which would clutter the graphs. Should anyone have need for exact numbers, they may contact me by email** and I will be happy to assist.

*Astute viewers may notice that numbers do not always add up exactly. This is due to some patients reporting more than one injury, or , on occasion, poor record keeping where totals do not tally. My estimation for the data provided is that the margin of error does not exceed 5%.

Please be aware that no data exists prior to Pennsic XXX. Thus, when I began this record keeping, I was not continuing existing data tabulation, but starting from scratch. Experience has caused some changes of categories, so that data from the four wars does not correlate exactly. For example, for Pennsic's XXX, XXXI and XXXII we used "General Illness" to document unspecified illnesses. Starting with Pennsic XXXIII this category was split into "General Illness" and "General Trauma" to allow us to differentiate between such generic complaints as "fever" and "bruised arm". My belief is that the categories are becoming stabilized, but for now this should be considered when looking for trends.


(Electronic conversion by Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa 04/01/05)