MILLION-VOLT LIGHTNING BOLT MACHINE in Wilseyville spits forks of artificial lightning around landscape as AG&E (now NYSEG) studied their effect on power lines. 1931 Edison's PHONOGRAPH exhibited at DeWitt Park Baptist Church. It plays the Farmer Village Quartet, a cornet solo and brass band. Dr. Tichenor sings into the machine, which repeats him. "Its possibilities defy the imagination." 1890 City SPEED LIMIT increased to 10 miles per hour, and 15 miles per hour in the suburbs. 1904
PLEASURE DRIVING BANNED during World War II. 1943 STREET LIGHT PARADE celebrates electric street lamps, on State Street Merchants turn on store lights for occasion. 1916 FROZEN CONE OF SPRAY in the South Hill reservoir is 12-14 feet high and still growing. 1883
COAL THIEF Jasper Peep brought to judgement says, "I am a poor man and trying to do as near right as I know how and I work whenever I can get to do it. I did pick up the coal, but it is no more than others do or have done every day." 1889 First robber caught by ELECTRIC BURGLAR ALARM. 1887
OIL WIZARD Ben Fulton of Ithaca finds oil by clenching an aluminum rod between his teeth. His talent is employed in Western New York and Pennsylvania. 1988