Breast or Bottle?
Your decision has lifelong consequences for you, your baby,
and your life together

Human Milk Formula
has well over 300 known ingredients, including: has perhaps 100 ingredients, including:
interferon and white blood cells tropical oils
antibacterial and antiviral agents no antiinfective properties
intestinal soothers intestinal irritants
readily absorbed nutrients poorly absorbed nutrients
everything a baby is known to need microdeficiencies
offers several kinds of milk at each nursing is the same throughout a feeding
changes to meet the baby's changing needs changes only with manufacturing and
preparation errors, which are common
is non-allergenic in standard form contains either of 2
common allergens - cow milk or soybeans
is the human infant's only normal food tries to approximate what's known about infant needs, at low production cost. Cow milk and soy are used not because they are the best imitation of human milk, but because they are readily available and cost-effective
promotes normal brain development has been linked to lower intelligence scores
is always clean, straight from the source is easily contaminated
promotes normal health in infancy and beyond has been linked to increases in many infant illnesses, including SIDS, and to many long-term problems including malocclusion, childhood lymphoma, breast cancer, vision deficits, and diabetes
smells fine going in and coming outsmells... interesting!
Breastfeeding Bottle-feeding
is immediate, simple, and nearly free needs equipment, preparation, and about
$3/day plus extra medical expenses
is a relationship is a feeding method
provides a normal start in life is artificial in many ways
promotes normal jaw development is linked to increased need for dental work
is the normal follow-up to birth for the mother's body is linked to increased rates of postpartum hemorrhage, some maternal breast and ovarian cancers, and to more closely spaced births
provides a normal hormonal state for mothering means mothering with low mothering hormones
lets the baby control his own appetite can lead to overfeeding and later obesity
saves money for the family makes money for industry and health care staff
is simply the logical start for the world's best baby doesn't have to be for you and your baby

Babies choose breastfeeding. They hope their mothers will, too!

©1996 Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC 136 Ellis Hollow Creek Road Ithaca, NY 14850

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