Do you have spiritual rapport?

Spiritual Rapport - The ability to connect with another person without the barriers that most of us have forgotten we erected. A full spiritual rapport is magical! Thoughts, considerations, criticisms and almost all think drop away and you are simply present. This then permits a full spiritual rapport to begin, i.e. you fell you understand and you feel understood.

The Forgotten Barriers - These are designed to keep you safe from pain that close affinity can cause.

  • Does it frighten you to be close to someone?
  • Do you feel people misunderstand you?
  • Do you easily get distracted?
  • Do you have problems getting questions answered?
  • Are you annoying?
  • Are people afraid to approach you?
  • Are you afraid to approach people?
  • Are you easily annoyed?
  • Do you stress out?
  • Life doesn't have to be this way!

    Would you like:

    • People to see who you really are?
    • To be less stressed?
    • More confident?
    • To be more present and focused?
    • To be more productive?

    To improve these skills, Enid Vien and David Womack invite you to attend The Rapport Building Workshop.

    In this one day workshop you will experience:

    • Seven secrets to developing instant rapport!
    • True Connection!
    • How to maintian affinity in the face of adversity!
    • The art of listening!
    • The power of acknowledgement!
    • Learn the power of getting your questions answered!
    • Using your intention!

    Upon completion of this workshop you will have the foundation for more successful relations, more time, less stress, more focus and most importantly more rapport!

    Sign up today! Don't pass up this unique opportunity to take charge!

    This workshop will not cost $1,000.00, $500.00, or $750.00. This time only: $125 per person. $199.00 for pairs, that's over a 50% savings! Anyone who has taken the Rapport Workshop before please contact David for a special rate.

    Come join us!

    The Rapport Building Workshop - September 2011

    • Date: To Be Announced
    • Time: 10am sharp to 6pm, please be punctual.
    • Location: To be announced
    • Tel: (619) 462-5160
    • Email:

    The ability to get in rapport and communicate effectively with others is essential to your success in business and personal relationships. Challenge yourself. See if you really are a good communicator! We'll see you on September 17th.

    Sign up today and reserve your space. Standby for an exciting fun filled day!
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