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CRS Barn Recordings available
           1. Opera Cowpokes
                               Photos 1
                               Photos 2
                               Photos release party
                                Lansing review
                               Mary Reynolds  texas consultant and designer

           2. The Pulse of an Irishman
                                lyrics for Pulse of an Irishman
                                Ithaca Times review
                                Opera News review

           3. I am Prospero - Paul Goldstaub
           4. Echoes, Moods and Reflections
           5. Boyz in the Wood
                        Boyz in the Wood Retail locations

Artistic Directors
           Jeanne Goddard
           Steve Stull

Recording Artists (still in process)
    Steven Stull
    Phyllis Pancella
    Timothy LeFebvre
    Peter Sicilian
    Todd Geer
    Richard McKee
    Dean Elzinga
    Stephen Powell
    Raul Melo
    Linda Larson
    Kimberly LaGraff
    Paul Goldstaub
    Hal Reynolds

Jeanne and Steve's travels
        Trip to Scandanavia 1

        Trip to Scandanavia 2

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