European,circa 1650
built 1995

I built the hilt, and all its components, to fit a broad double-edged blade supplied by the customer. I also made a scabbard for this weapon, using authentic contruction - thin strips of wood, covered with linen cloth and wrapped with thin leather. I do not do any bladesmithing, but I sharpened this blade, as well as furbishing the weapon.

Fencing Rapier

European, circa 1600
built 1995

This hilt is set on a modern theatrical fencing blade. I intentionally kept the proportions of the hilt light, and the dimensions small, so as not to overpower the blade. The handle is wrapped in iron wire, finished off with Turks heads.

Pair of Fencing Bucklers, or Rotellini

Italian, 16th century
built 1996

The fencing bucklers have belt hooks and stop ribs, and are lined in leather.

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