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Give me Some Places Where You Can Be


Tape: 5403C22 4ACC-59 "General Talk: (cont.) Of What PC is Trying to Do"


This process is more or less understood but not pushed because it's a process that requires some expertness in SOP 8C. It is understood in Step One, Places Where You Are Not. There's another way of running that: Places where you can be. And immediately revealed to you will be the entire mechanism of psychosis. You inspect this one because that is the route that is taken by anybody going on down scale.

You see the more places they hold onto in these two coincided universes, their own universe and the physical universe. The more places they hold onto with safety pins, the fewer places they can occupy -- to a point finally where they can't have anything like a piece of space. Because all these spaces of space are so darned dangerous that they can't occupy them anymore. So they've been chased out of space, you might say, and they are down in a condensed mass. Well, if they're in this condensed mass, then obviously you have to rehabilitate these points in space where they can't be.

Well, is there some slippery way of rehabilitating them without chewing them up with change of space or chewing them up with something else? Yes. This is strictly magic. You ask somebody, "Give me some places you can be" on a emeter (biomonitoring device) and find that he can be places in the past. If he's real bad off, he can be almost anyplace in the past. He's out of present time.

Future and present time spots in space are no longer available to him. Life has chased him off into facsimiles. And of course, the psychotic goes into the past and dramatizes the past and uses facsimiles. You can't create any energy in the past. You can't be in the year 1066 and create enough energy to fire one arrow that will change the course of the Battle of Hastings. Can't be done.

Therefore, it's perfectly safe to be there. But if you're there, you can't create any energy. So the fellow just goes on using facsimiles. The first time he started using facsimiles was the first time he found it was safer to be in the past than in the present.


"Give me some places where you can be." "Thank you." etc. to end point.

End Point

Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.



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