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Opening Procedure by Duplication


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This duplication process uses two dissimilar objects such as a Book and a Bottle. The processor has the person walk over to each object, pick it up, examine it as to color, temperature, and weight, and return it exactly where it was.

Opening Procedure by Duplication has been doing things to cases hitherto untouched by extensive and intricate auditing.

Ranting and raving has gone on in various locales because of Opening Procedure by Duplication. It has been branded as a hypnotic technique. The fact of the matter is, it runs out hypnosis and in the process of running it, the restimulation of hypnotism is sufficiently marked to make a processor and a client believe that a hypnotism is taking place. However, Opening Procedure by Duplication continued past this point runs on out the hypnotism.

Inability to duplicate is also an inability to be cause, and inability to be effect. The reason one has an engram bank is because "it mustn't happen again," or "it must happen again." In order to make sure that something does not happen again, one has a picture of it which he considers necessary to prevent him from duplicating the action. The existence of a picture, of course, will eventually make him follow the action and follow the dictates of the picture. Thus, we get the action of an engram and restimulation.

When Opening Procedure by Duplication is being run, it is common for the person, by comments and reactions, to dramatize the Know to Mystery Scale. The Know to Mystery Scale, of course, is a very long, tall scale, but any section of this scale has in it the various level of Know to Mystery. Thus one can see a person going up Looking, to Knowing, then going through a different higher harmonic of Mystery, then sex, then eating, and so forth. The processor may not see him go through all the grades on the Know to Mystery Scale in order, but will see him spotting one after another of the level of this scale.

The person will make such comments as "Looks good enough to eat." "There's a lot of work connected with this," "It's a mystery to me." Going up the Mystery to Know Scale, one, of course, crosses the Emotional Scale, which was described and witnessed in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, but this Emotional Scale, is of course, a part of the Know to Mystery Scale.

Opening Procedure by Duplication is begun only after the person has some reality on his environment. Until the person's reality on his environment is good, Opening Procedure by Duplication should not be done, for the person only turns on an unreality circuit and goes through it mechanically.


Use two objects, a book and a bottle.

Have the person look them over and handle them to his satisfaction. Then have him place them at some walking distance apart in the room, on a couple of tables or similar locations.

The commands:

"Look at that book."

"Walk over to it."

"Pick it up."

"What is its color?"

"What is its temperature?"

"What is its weight?"

"Put it down in exactly the same place."

Repeat with the bottle.

Do not vary the commands in anyway. Use Tone 40 "Thank you" acknowledgement. The basic commands should never be departed from, and never, never trick the person by using the book again when you knew he was just about to start toward the bottle. The purpose of the process is duplication. Good control should be used.

Accept the person's answers, whether they are logical, silly, imaginative, dull or unlawful. In starting the process, you can discuss with him what you are about to do and make sure you have got the rudiments established.

End Point

The end points for Opening Procedure by Duplication include:

A. Run the process until a realization occurs, or an ability is regained.

B. Exterior with a very good indicators and a realization.

C. No communication lag and no more change on the process.



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