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15 favorite graphic design and web development resources (ok, toys). Categories include free virus protection, fonts, cgi, web design guidelines, color selection guide, free downloads, image collections, image viewers, sound libraries and editors, validation, web tools. Two screen pets.

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Do This First - Extraction Utilities, Free Virus Protection

    Not a graphics resource but you can't live without these.

  • Virus Protection, Mail Protection, Worm Protection

    You can download a trial version of Norton Antivirus or MacAfee for free.

  • Extraction Utility

    The fonts (and some of the other downloads on this page) are in zip format. You'll need WinZip or PKunzip, or my favorites, Winace and WinRAR, to extract it.

Web Graphics and other Sights

  • Art Passions

    Virtual bookstore and art galleries with works by Arthur Rackham, Gustave Dore, William Morris, Aubrey Beardsley, Maxfield Parrish, Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen, Adrienne Segur, Sulamith Wulfing, Warwick Goble and others. Fairy, fairytale, Celtic, themes. Links to specialty fonts based on Arthur Rackham, William Morris, and Celtic script.
    Art Passions
    New! Recently added virtual postcards.

  • Free Backgrounds and Wallpaper

    Free fairy and other art backgrounds / wallpapers by the same artists. With instructions
    Free Art Backgrounds and Wallpapers.
    Backdoor to the same backgrounds if the other site has gone over bandwidth.

Web Tools

  • Domain Registration

    I have so much on the ins-and-outs of this that I have moved this section here. Cheapest that still gives service is Before you register a domain name, review the Site Promotion tips

Color Selection Guide (Web Colors)

    CSamp floating window
  • CSamp

    This color sampler floats in your window and tells you the RGB value of the point under the mouse. Useful if you want to make a background or font match a color in an image. This version gives you a choice of the RGB value in hex or dec (Whew! Gone are those dec-to-hex conversions in my head...). It's free. And it comes in Slovenian and Polish, too! Csamp

  • Hexadecimal and RGB Color Values

    Color Value Tables that you can't live without. Includes the web safe color palette, RGB and hexadecimal values for the named colors, and the Netsape- MSIE- recognized color constants (named colors). Definitely more than 216 colors.

    Color Lookup Table

  • 216 Color Picker and Color Lookup Table

    A cute color picker for the 216 web safe colors, very visual and shows you some colors that ought to coordinate. (My preference: Be an outlaw!). I really like the pastels. You can also download a nice little color lookup table that works with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
    Visual Color Picker
    My daughter has the poster; it's nice.

  • Optimizing Web Graphics

    Optimizing your images is the most effective thing you can do to speed download time of your pages. You can compare the filesizes and quality of the various formats at Adobe's online services page (it's free):
    Free Online Image Optimizer. (If you don't understand all the settings, just accept the defaults.)


  • Guidelines in Designing with Fonts

    Daniel Will-Harris discusses how to choose an appropriate font. Typeface tutorial. Fonts that go well with other fonts. Also some free fonts at Esperfonto.

  • Freeware Fonts

    Free fonts without skulls, dripping blood, or other juvenalia. Don't miss the font of the week. Fontastic  - The Fontpool
    And then, ahem, sometimes you find a font you really want in someone's insecure font directory by going to and typing in:
    "index of /fonts" + name-of-font-goes-here
    but I didn't say that. Don't forget the quotation marks.

Image Viewers, Icon Viewers

  • Firehand Ember

    The best of all image viewers - also allows copying, moving, renaming, and organizing of images. Free trial and then small cost to register it.
    Download Firehand Ember

  • VueIcon

    VueIcon creates icons for your image files so you can see a small version of the image from Windows Explorer. It caches the icons so there is no lag time when you read the drive. This is particularly useful when designing. Best, it's free.
    VueIcon 6

Sound and Flash

  • Wav of the Day

    Several hundred downloadable wav files and links to other sound sites. Software links. People who embed long-downloading, cheesy music in their web pages have a covert or overt wish to crash the Internet by wasting bandwidth. They will be the first to go in the eugenic wars. Remember that.
    Daily .WAV
    Bird Songs
    Sound File Resources

  • Make Your Own

    Sound Forge is a two-track digital audio editor. You need a Windows-compatible sound card to create, record, and edit audio files. It's the same old Windows interface, so there isn't that much to learn. Built-in support for video and CD burning and can save to a number of audio and video file formats, including WAV, WMA, RM, AVI, and MP3. Yes, I did spend money on this. In fact, I liked the product so much, I bought stock in the company. (Hint: A very bad way to choose a stock. Calibre of management counts. )
    Download the demo version of Sound Forge

  • Quick and Almost Easy Flash

    You can make your own flash. The little Sothink Glanda is quick and easy, and while not free, will not set you back a lot either. Great for buttons.

Search Engines / Site Promotion / Affiliate Programs

HTML Editors and Validation Tools

  • Free HTML Editor

  • My favorite HTML editor is Wordpad. :) However, this free editor also incorporates web widgets for special effects (free HTML templates on this site also):
    Free HTML editor with web widgets

  • Doctor HTML

    Free and subscription validation tools. Free tools are adequate for most purposes. I especially like the "HTML Squisher". If you want Doctor HTML to check your entire site, there's a registration/subscription charge.
    Doctor HTML (Choose Single Page or RxHTML from the main page.)

Webmistress References

  • Web Design Group

    Includes the HTML 4.0 Reference, HTML 3.2 (Wilbur) Reference, a Cascading Style Sheets Guide, and a Character Set Overview. Online tools include: HTML Validator; CSSCheck, a Cascading Style Sheets lint; cg-eye, a CGI test kit; and WiDGets, authoring tools and accessibility add-ons for Internet Explorer.
    Web Design Group

  • Webmaster's Reference Library

    Original articles and exhaustive links. Spend the weekend.
    Webmaster's Reference Library

Web Programming: CGI, Java

  • The Fine Manual

    Ever download a script and it's so poorly documented that you don't have a clue and feel like you need a computer science degree to install it? Tired of being told to RTFM when there isn't one? Here are the instructions to the other resources in this section:
    How to install cgi scripts

  • CGI links and other

    FreeCode software archive: All of the programs found here are: •Free for personal and commercial use. •Compatible with Unix and/or Windows.•Written in C/C++, Java, Perl, or Visual Basic.
    FreeCode software archive (has links to Matt's Script archive)

  • Java and Javascript Programming

    Extensive, I mean it, Java, Javascript, and related technologies.

Web Design Downloads and Style Guidelines

  • Design Guidelines and Many Resource Links

    Exhaustive list of design resources. She has a totally different style than mine -- Love me, love photorealism, love my cat. Page and pages of resources, which means it's there but you have to dig through stuff. Not for the fainthearted or those with 14.4K modems.
    Windweaver's Web Design Resources

  • Latest Greatest

    More than you ever wanted to know about building web sites with all the bells and whistles.

Books and Tutorials

  • Web Designer's Bookshelf

    Favorite books and manuals for web design and web programming. In other words, books I liked enough to buy so I could refer to, rather than reading once during an afternoon at Borders, or books I wished I had the money to buy. Hardcopy References for Web Designers and Programmers. (I've spent a lot more money on books since I recommended these. I'll update it soon.)
    Designer's Bookshelf

  • Finding the Book You Want

    My favorite bookstore is Powell's Technical Books in Portland. Is there anything else to do in Portland when it's raining? But even Powell's doesn't have everything. I know where to find the best deals on books online! I created the following page to search Powell's database, Amazon, and others - comparison shop several Internet bookstores for new, used, and hard-to-find books:

Lonely Screen Pets and other Toys

These are self-extracting zip files in my public directory on lightlink. I guarantee they were safe and virus-free when I put it there. If you still want a screen pet, but don't feel safe downloading them (I'm not sure I would), contact the webmistress.
  • Lonely? Windows got you down?

    esheep screen shot Late nights working on web development. No social life. Even the cat shuns you. Adopt a screen pet! , put the executable on your desktop, and doubleclick for the number of pets you want. Except for those pesky alien abductions where the sheep are transported to a hovering spacecraft, you'll never be lonely again. Esheep run under Win95, 98, and WinNT. Like many of us, your screen pet will be happiest under Windows NT. You can run multiple instances of esheep.

  • If it's a cat you must have . . .

    a friendly cat for your desktop (runs on Win95, 98, NT, 2000 - don't know about XP)

Suggest a resource? Page problems? Tell the Webmistress.

  • Christine's Millennial Too Cute Award

    Pink Pigs! Okay, it's not a graphic resource. The Pink Pigs Page wins my "Too Cute" award. It's a French site, with some English translation. Just ask, and these precious pink pigs will wish you, or your true love, a happy birthday. How romantic! Be sure to visit the Pink Pig Musée.
    Etienne Bartholomeuf's Pink Pigs.

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