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EXM 59
The Purpose of Auditing

14 April 1992

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The purpose of auditing is to return to the pc his ability and facility to handle the following echelons of life.

OT Native State, Sovereignty

Grade 0. Communication and No Communication

Grade I. GPM's, Terminals, Opposing Goals, Problems, Masses

Grade II. Overts, Withholds, Missed Withholds, Importance and Blow.

Grade III. ARCU Breaks, KRCC Breaks, BDHE Breaks, MRHA Breaks

Grade IV. Computations, Fixed Conditions, Safe Solutions, and Make Wrong, Make Guilty, Make Succumb, Make BE, DO, HAVE and Make NOT BE, NOT DO, and NOT HAVE.

ARCU stands for Affinity, Reality, Communication and Understandings.

KRCC stands for Knowledge, Responsibility, Control and Creation.

BDHE stands for Be, Do, Have and Experience.

MRHA stands for Mood, Rhythm, Harmony and Aesthetics

LTLG stands for Life, Truth, Love and Godhood

IFPG stands for Innocence, Faith, Purity and Graces

Primary dichotomies handled by Grade IV include Right/Wrong, Survive/Succumb, Dominate/Escape Domination, Guilty/Not Guilty, Blame/Regret, Freedom/Restraint, Immortal/Mortal, What's It/It's a, Persistence/Vanishment.

As LRH says, this should produce a being better called Homo Novis.

A Homo Novis is someone who makes Homo Sap squirm in his grave.


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