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EXM 55
What Have You Done?

7 April 1992

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'What have you done as a Mock Up?'

'What have you done to a Mock Up?'

'What have you opposed as a Mock Up?'

'What have you opposed in a Mock Up?'

'What have you withheld as a Mock Up?'

'What have you withheld from a Mock Up?'

Run this on Mock Up, Parent, Mother, Father, Child, Baby, Fetus, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sister, Grandparent, Grandchild, Stepparent, Stepchild, Godparent, Godchild, Body, Spirit, Boy, Girl, Male, Female, Mate, Lover, Partner, God, Devil, Deity, Demon, Gremlin, Monster, Universe, Mortal, Immortal, Messiah, Creator, and Creature.

If you don't have an E-meter, get one.

If the standard DONE TO and WITHHELD FROM questions begin to lose their bite you might consider changing DONE TO to DONE ABOUT, and WITHHELD FROM to WITHHELD ABOUT.

"About" means simply and only "on the subject of".

"What have you done about a mother?"

"What have you withheld about a mother?"

"What have you done about a child?"

"What have you withheld about a child?"

The reason that WITHHELD FROM may not bite, is that a mother may have done it to the child, but the child may KNOW ABOUT IT! Thus the mother may be withholding it but not from the child. But it gets hidden even from the mother's own cognizance because she is withholding it from everyone else. Thus asking what she is withholding from the child will not find it. She knows the child knows! Asking what she is withholding as a mother ABOUT a child will get the overt and the OTHER people she was trying to secret it from.

Having children out of season and for the wrong reason, bringing them up Mortal and killing them slowly is still some of the hottest track you will find.

If you are the effect of what your parents did to you as a child, then you did it to a child as a parent in a past life and you have some confession to do.

Get an E-meter.

If you can't crack your case with this stuff, you just aren't trying.


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