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Guardian Order 121669

Mary Sue Hubbard, Dec. 16, 1969

ca. 1992

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Date: 5-30-84
John J. Corcoran, County Clerk
By: R. Hart, Deputy


GO 121669 MSH
(Guardian's Office 121669 Mary Sue Hubbard)
December 16, 1969


OBSERVATION: The enemy has used the method of infiltration to obtain information against ourselves as known from incidences in South Africa, Edinburgh, and Washington, D.C.

The enemy has also 'turned', and used as double agents, staff members as revealed by Maurice Johnson at Saint Hill and Barbara Peake in Melbourne.

Further, the enemy has used former disaffected staff members, Scientologists or relatives of Scientologists in their attacks - Philip ****** and Doug Moon in Australia, Jean Kennedy and Gene van ******* in South Africa, Michael Purnetta and Mrs. ******* in England, Eleanor Turner and the former Mrs. Elmo ***** in America and the O'Donnell family in New Zealand, to name but a few of the outstanding examples.

Although infiltrators and double agents can create more internal chaos and disorder in an organization, the enemy has been most successful in their attacks through the use of disaffected staff, Scientologists or relatives of Scientologists and the biggest gross error an organization can make as regards its own security is violations of the HCO (Hubbard Communications Office) Policy Letter of October 27, 1964, "Policies on Physical Healing, Insanity and Potential Trouble Sources."

The duty of keeping the organization secure belongs in the HCO Division, both in RAP(?) and Inspections and Reports, but the Intelligence Bureau has learned through long experience that it cannot leave this function entirely up to HCO and where it has done so, it has had to suffer the consequences. Thus this Programme is a vital one.

MAJOR TARGET: To use any and all means to detect any infiltration, double agent or disaffected staff member, Scientologist or relatives of Scientologists and by any and all means to render null any potential **** or harm such have rendered or might render to Scientology and Scientologists.


1. This Programme is to be done by the Assistant Guardian or the Deputy Assistant Guardian for Intelligence, if this post is held separately.

2. To establish intelligence files on all such persons found to be infiltrators, double agents, and disaffected staff members, Scientologists and relatives of Scientologists.


1. To make full use of all files on (in?) the organization to affect your major target. These include personnel files, Ethics files, Dead files, Central Files, training files, processing files and requests for refunds.

(Processing files are the case folders of everything that is run on a preclear and everything the preclear says including all of his goals, ARC breaks, Present Time Problems and Withholds and Missed Withholds. These written records are kept during the session by the Auditor and are given to the Case Supervisor between sessions so that the case can be programmed for the next session. Also if something goes wrong, the Auditor can be sent to cramming and retrained. They are NOT for the purpose of publicly disclosing the data in them to hold the pc at bay or to blackmail him later. This is like a Roman Catholic Priest divulging his parishioners confessions to the newspaper or the police, or a psychiatrist or doctor doing the same. By the way the pc was never allowed to look at his own folders, not even the Ethics Officer. Only the Auditor and the Case Supervisor. This was a sacred promise made by Hubbard himself.)

2.) To assemble full data by investigation of each person located for possible use in case of attack or for use in preventing any attack and to keep files of such.

(Once a pc's confidential confessional formulary is handed over to anyone for any reason other than case supervision or auditing, you can be sure it will be used by those people for any purpose at all that they see fit. Once the rules are broken, there are no more rules. I leave it to your imagination... A formulary is a book, in this case a collection of case folders, containing prescribed forms used in the service of a church, in this case auditing routines and processes and how they were run and the pc's responses to them including confessions. They are legally confidential.)

3.) To be alert to usual security precautions and to see that these are performed by the organization; such as proper locking of the premises, security of keys, locking of files, the changing of locks if keys have been lost, proper safes, etc.

4.) To keep off staff (lines and off) org lines any person who has ever betrayed Scientology or who has threatened to betray or blackmail Scientology. (With what withholds?)

5.) To ensure the Policy Letter on Physical Healing, Insanity and Potential Trouble Sources is not violated and to be alert to any possible violation.

6.) To maintain a good liaison to Ethics and ensure that the Ethics Officer alerts you to any person who might attack Scientology.

7.) To be alert to any organizational theft or disappearances of records and files as a possible indication of the presence of an infiltrator or double agent. Infiltrators are frequently those who have recently "joined" Scientology and so can be watched. Double agents are usually detected by natter (low tone covert unconstructive criticism), down stats (downwardly trending production statistics), disorder in their areas and no case gain, (NCG, no case gain, means they don't cognite in session, and they don't get better even in their own estimation.)

8.) To be effective and imaginative in your collection of data and in your actions to nullify any attack or threat of attack.

9.) To keep your Assistant Guardian fully advised and the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence World Wide, who will inform the Guardian World Wide in such matters.

PRODUCTION TARGET: This is a continuing Programme on which Projects will be issued from time to time.

Mary Sue Hubbard
(Church of Scientology, Guardian)

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