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from David Mayo

ca. 1985

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((This letter is circa 1985.))

Hello dear friends,

I am extremely happy to be able to openly communicate to you once again. It has been a long time; an overly long and somewhat difficult period for many of us. Those of you who knew me may have wondered what I have been doing over the past year, so I am grateful to have this space to let you know of my activities and future plans. I believe it is important to provide a background to all of this. It is important so that you can share my reality on the depth of my commitment to the tech and to you.

It begins in 1957, when I first contacted Dianetics and Scientology. Like many of you, I read LRH's books and began auditing friends and acquaintances. I was so immediately impressed with the results that I moved to be near an Org ((local Organization)) and receive professional training (Hubbard Professional Auditor and Bachelor of Scientology, 1959). These were relatively simple, uncomplicated and exciting days.

After working in a Mission for a few months, I joined staff at the Auckland Org in late '59 and worked there for eight years, mainly as the HCO Sec ((Hubbard Communications Office Secretary)) , but always "double hatted" on technical posts such as auditor, supervisor, case supervisor, etc. We attended Congresses, went to LRH tape plays, studied and did various courses, gave and received auditing and became part of the excitement that was being engendered by LRH and this new religion called Scientology. ((A Congress was a series of lectures that LRH gave over a period of months to a specially collected congregation of students. They were recorded and later formed the basis of various courses. For example the 'Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress' circa 1966, Ref HCOB, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin 29 Sept 66))

In 1962 I did the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course under Ron and Mary Sue ((Hubbard)), graduating with honors. ((The SHSBC, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, is the notorious 'Wall of Tapes'. On this course the advanced student listened to every lecture that LRH ever gave, in time order, up to present time in order to gain a clear understanding of the track of Scientology and its development. After the rigorous Training and Internships that this course provided, students were expected to be flubless auditors after this course. For a long time the Wall of Tapes were mostly confidential, but now the Church has released the entire SHSBC series to the public.)) After this I became even more involved with technical posts and my love of the tech developed. This devotion to the tech has been a profound and guiding motivation for me to this present day.

In January 1968 I joined the Sea Org and continued my tech training, frequently working and studying under LRH; e.g., I did my technical internships under LRH, audited under LRH as the Case Supervisor and later worked as a Case Supervisor ((myself)) under LRH, as the Senior C/S ((Senior Case Supervisor)).

In September 1973, LRH appointed me as the Senior C/S Flag ((Senior Case Supervisor at the Flag Land Base, at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clear Water Florida, or the Flag Ship Apollo)) and during this period I also became the C/S for LRH's ((personal)) auditing, until 1975, when he moved to a different location.

In September 1978, I was called from the Flag Service Org to California to audit LRH and there I stayed on, as his auditor. In October 1978, LRH appointed me to the post of Senior C/S International. I remained in California auditing LRH on Audited NOTS until he advanced onto Solo NOTS. ((NOTS means New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans. A Thetan is a being, either in a body or out of a body. An Operating Thetan is one who has regained his ability to remain outside of the body at will. Audited NOTS means that the auditing is received from another person, the auditor. Solo NOTS means you Solo Audit it yourself under the direction of your Case Supervisor. NOTS is a very advanced form of Dianetics used mostly on post-clear Operating Thetans.))

In mid-1979 I assisted him with technical research and with the export and training of the first auditors and C/S's on new tech. Apart from some return visits to Flag (and other Orgs) to handle out-tech ((degraded or misapplied or suppressive tech)), I remained on the post of Senior C/S International in California, from 1978. Throughout that period I was being trained and briefed by LRH on current tech and on his research of new tech, as yet unreleased.

In April of 1982 I received a long and detailed letter from LRH. It assigned me the full responsibility for the tech and for his technical hats for the next 20 to 25 years. ((A 'hat' is a post that you assume with all its skills, duties, accountabilities and responsibilities.)) (After the passage of this 20-25 years, he stated that he would return in his next lifetime to re-assume his tech hats.) As I sought to carry out this assigned responsibility for the tech, it became increasingly obvious that there were points that must be corrected in the area of International Management of the Church of Scientology, so that the purity of the tech could be safeguarded. Indeed, correction was mandatory to even keep the tech in existence at all! ((Correction is a level of the Scientology Awareness Characteristics Chart, "Scientology 0-8, the Book of Basics". The "0-8" refers to going from 0 to infinity, the 8 refers to the eighth dynamic of Supreme Being or infinity. The 8 is meant to be an infinity sign on its side. It is a reference to the route taken by a being as he travels from Raw Meat to Super Operating Thetan. Correction is a point on the Awareness Characteristic Chart that proceeds in part: Prediction, Activity, Production, Result, Correction and Ability in ascending order. In other words to produce anything including greater ability in a person, you must first make Predictions as to what actions will cause what effects, then you must engage on that course of Action. This gets you into Production and this produces a Result. However the result must then be Quality Checked and this is Correction. Once your product has gone through all these steps it comes out as a valuable final product, which in this case is the Ability of your preclear to be an Operating Thetan and freely self determined Spiritual Being no longer in a meat body. Although this scale is used within Scientology to form the flow of its Technical Production line, producing Operating Thetans, it can be used in any area of production from government to making hamburgers.)) My efforts to bring about these corrections of Management resulted in hostilities and the cutting of my communication line to LRH. This severance of my line to LRH was done covertly, by others. This was in August of 1982. Ultimately these hostilities culminated in my removal from post, by others who had established themselves in a position of control over LRH's comm lines ((communication lines)). This was a period of shock, horror and very real atrocity not only for me, but for many, many high calibre, long standing Scientology executives of proven ability. There were literally hundreds removed during this lengthy political purge. While I do not wish to go into the details of that here, suffice it to say that after all my efforts to rectify matters internally ((failed)), I left in February 1983.

The next few months were spent recovering my physical health and TAKING PRECAUTIONS TO HANDLE VARIOUS THREATS AGAINST ME AND MY FRIENDS. ((Capitalization added)).

Having accomplished these two things, I am very pleased to let you know that I am again fully available to help and to serve.

My very real concern is for the purity and the standardness of the tech. And I know how important it is to all of you, and to the future. There have been an increasing number of reported instances of out- tech, today; EVEN WHAT APPEARS TO BE A DELIBERATE CORRUPTION OF THE TECH. ((Capitalization added.)) I know that this is of great concern to you, too.

Thus I am offering my services, internationally, and I am fortunate to have the support and help of a group of very fine Scientologists. I am convinced that we can avoid the enormous errors of the past. Indeed we must. We do have the extraordinary advantage of several points of guidance: 1) Your open, unsuppressed communication, 2) the tech itself, unyielding and senior to any and all political turmoil, and 3) a viewpoint of understanding as to what is behind us, and to what surely lies ahead.

There is a story of an ancient statesmen who survived the collapse and self-destruction of a great civilization. Years later, when asked by historians how he had accomplished this, he stated: "I stood above others, on higher ground, and when they were washed away by flood and ruination, I simply carried on."

It is, I believe, as simple as that.

Please get in touch, we are here for you.

With great love,

David Mayo

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