Scientology vs. Clearing in the Free Zone

There has been some confusion, not without reason, regarding Clearing in what has been called the Free Zone. Many Clearing practitioners have had no experience or training in scientology yet the terms scientology and clearing are linked for many former and current members of that organization.

As a consequence of fitting ideas into the scientology worldview that really do not belong there, some rumors have been circulating around the net that misdefine other clearing practices in terms of scientology. Among these are the work of C.B. Willis, Alan Walter, Max Sandor, and Enid Vien. Web pages now promote this misinformation as fact. For example:

Dynamis, Life Energy, Chi - Welcome to Dynamism and Clearing
Dynamism is a philosophy of personal evolution. It ... dynamism.
Dynamism delivers workshops and classes as well as Dynamis Clearing. ...
Description Enid Vien is an early, independent practitioner, with only modest divergence from conventional scientologology
Category Society > Religion and Spirituality > ... > Adapted Technology

(The above description was posted without Enid Vien's permission). Enid has studied philosophy throughout her life and strongly disagrees with this description of her work, despite the fact that she, did receive scientology training many years ago. Many of her articles are available at Dynamism if you would like to evaluate this difference yourself.

Similarly, you can review the articles of other clearing practitioners by following their links here.

These rumors are spread in good faith. Because training in the scientology organization can be intense, former members may continue to orient new ideas in terms of that experience for many years. For example, Plato's world of ideas predate scientology's theta/mest theory and are present in the philosophies of many western thinkers. These ideas were not taken from the works of scientology, in most cases.