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  • Finding Used and Out-of-Print Books

  • Rare -Used - Textbooks - Foreign - New

    Best choice for used and out-of-print books is Powells. I admit, Powell's technical bookstore in Portland is my favorite bookstore, but you can easily spend a rainy afternoon in the main store also. Look here first for textbooks - they do stock textbooks and they're usually less expensive than your campus bookstore. Doublecheck the edition you need. (Forbes Magazine says this is their favorite online bookstore; but I knew about it first!)

  • Very Rare and Collectible Books

  • Difficult to find and collectible books sometimes show up on Bibliofind, and of course: ABE Books. Most of my antique fairy tale books have come from Swiss booksellers. You can sometimes find things on Ebay, but rarely at a good price.

  • Cheapest and Fastest


    Amazon almost always has the best prices and fastest delivery on new books. Special orders are real slow and more expensive - use Powells or ABE. I buy my videos and DVDs here also. They carry some foreign films with English subtitles but see the foreign section. Also a nice selection of classical music.
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    Cheapest Book Closeouts will be cheapest if they have it. You can NEW BOOKS at 50-90% off at Supply is limited. Be sure to look through the $2.99 Computer Books and New Arrivals.

  • Absolutely Cheapest Technical Books

    You can be pretty sure
    Powells will have the book you want and you might get it used, so check there first. If you know the exact nerd book you want, you can find it cheapest at bookpool. Sometimes, they don't have it or are backordered. In that case, go to Powells online.
    Bookpool Discount Technical Books

  • Foreign

    Powells has a complete foreign section; try the Powells Search Box if you know the specific item you're looking for. For books and films in French, and especially film quebecois, try Archambault. If you aren't sure what you want, a real person will answer your email.

  • Multimedia : Ebooks, CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks

    Amazon or Powells are choices for audiobooks. Amazon is a good bet for domestic CDs and DVDs. Archambaultis good for foreign DVDs (Region 1 encoding).

  • Good Books for Gifts

    If you came here from Art Passions, these books are for you. Also see the Bookstore Index for listing by artist and genre.

    I get many requests for the book that the Kip the Enchanted Cat image comes from. It's been republished as The Fairy Tale Book translated by Marie Ponsot and illustrated by Adrienne Segur. See images from this book.

    Photographic evidence that fairies exist: The Fairies by Suza Scalora. See Photographic proof that fairies exist.

    I get many requests for Victorian fairies. I recommend Victorian Fairy Painting. These are the best fairies. Fairies from Rackham, Dulac, Maybeck, Hughes, Doyle, Naiash, Fitzgerald, Simmons, and others.

    Flower Fairies Flower Fairies Books by Cicely Mary Barker. See the images.

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