A Bit of Ivy Growing on the Wall

by Kenneth G. Urquhart

Why Integrity

Your personal integrity is your greatest asset. It is your most precious possession. It is your closest and most intimate reflection of who you really are.

Your personal integrity can shine forth from you and your body as the brightest, largest, and purest diamond dazzles and blazes in the richest imperial crown. When it glisters in you your heart is its lightest, your voice its sweetest, your touch its tenderest, your joy its loveliest.

Basic Tools

L. Ron Hubbard had two tools that are very relevant to the reality of personal integrity. One was what he called the ARC Triangle. For those who are not familiar with the ARC triangle, an introduction: 'A' stands for Affinity, or degree of closeness; 'R' is for Reality, or degree of agreement; 'C' is for Communication, or the degree of willingness to interact. Hubbard makes A,R, and C each one point of a triangle and makes two important observations about the triangle. First, at any given time in a specific situation or relationship, the degrees of A, R, and C are roughly in equilibrium--that is, the intensity of each is steady as long as the others are steady. Second, if any one of A, R, or C is increased or lowered, the other two expand or contract in parallel to maintain the equilibrium. If for example, you and I have a relationship, and for some reason I disagree with an action you take, my R with you falls. This immediately causes a lessening of my A for you (I might be annoyed, or furious; I am certainly less friendly) and my lessened A is expressed in my Communicating to you with some force, or effort, perhaps with pain, and then not wanting to communicate further. Let's say I later find out that you in fact had a very good reason to do what you did that I didn't know about at the time. My response was not appropriate and it caused you to have less ARC for me. I approach you, communicate to you openly, acknowledging my error and your rightness, expressing my regret for causing you pain inappropriately, and doing whatever else I must do to put things right between us. As I do, and providing you are willing, our mutual Ais restored, our R or agreement is reestablished, and our C resumes its friendly tone. Indeed, through this experience, through the honest exchange of honest viewpoints, through the openly shared experience, our ARC will be higher than before. "Communication is the universal solvent," Hubbard rightly said.

Only when we are true to our uniquely individual integrity are we 'in ARC' (as the phrase is) with ourselves. The truer we are, the higher the ARC with self. When we are less true, the lower the ARC with self. Having less ARC with self, we have unhappiness and pain. There is ALWAYS a solution for lessened ARC or absence of ARC (whether for yourself for others): you explore the factors A, R, and C, to find out which you can improve even if just a little bit or, if you are lucky, a lot, and quickly, and you DO that. Improve that one factor. As you do, the other two automatically improve with it. Then you can improve one of those, and so it goes. In our example , when I realized that I had misjudged you, I regretted that you had experienced a lessening of your ARC for me and I understand that a reduction in ARC causes pain. And I felt bad because my ARC for myself had dropped (and I felt pain about what I had done). My first action might be to accept that I had goofed, and to acknowledge exactly how I had goofed. This is now real to me. I can therefore communicate with myself about it and can allow myself space to experience my own feelings about it (my affinity for me). Now it is perfectly clear to me that I must come to you and make a clean breast of it all with you. In being honest with you I allow each of us to C, to reach R, and express A--firstly in any negative way necessary to get out into the open and out of the way all upset or pain, and then positively so that we reestablish our trust in each other. For each of us, ARC with self is restored when ARC for each other is restored.

The second tool is a triangle parallel to the ARC triangle and interacting with it. In fact, you use it to increase ARC. In increasing ARC you must use the other. The result is always increased ARC; the results of increased ARC are always happy, always desirable. Improved ARC is pleasing always to personal integrity.

Hubbard called it the KRC Triangle. 'K' is for Knowledge, 'R' is for Responsibility, 'C' is for Control.

Knowledge is the result of your ability to know, it's what you have certainty about, what is really real to you, what you can be strongly in agreement about but you do not need to be agreed with about it in order for you to maintain your certainty. It is what engages your integrity: when you know something is right or is wrong your integrity activates almost automatically, watching for your action that will please it. Responsibility is the result of your caring about what happens to (or with) that with which you are dealing, and your caring for it arises out of your integrity. Control is what you need to do, what your integrity tells you you must do, to care for what you are dealing with. The parts of Control (using Hubbard's definition of the term) are: Start, Change, Stop. You start something, you change something, or you stop something when you are controlling. You are willing to start, change, or stop when you are in control. When you control you are in communication with what you are controlling (even if the subject of your control is unaware of being controlled by you). Now your Communication includes the qualities of Knowledge and Responsibility, since you are communicating in order to Control. You are controlling out of your knowing what is and the potential of what is, and out of your responsibility or caring you move 'what is' closer to something your knowing indicates to you is higher and better ARC.

We can apply the KRC triangle to the example of our break in ARC and how we handled it. As I became aware that I had messed up the ARC between you and me, I moved into a changed mode. It's as though I shifted gears. I felt the hot pain of knowing I'd done wrong, I'd destroyed ARC. My integrity prompted me to come to grips with it and to understand the situation I had created for myself in relation to our prior ARC. In coming to grips with it, I knew what I'd done. My integrity reminded me that what I had done I could do something about and prompted me to feel a desire to handle it well (my Responsibility). I knew how to bring about what I knew should be done, and I focused my action on having it happen (Control, discipline, and intention). I did not sit down and write an essay. I did not put down "Knowledge" at the top of a sheet of paper and make a list. I simply followed the promptings of my own integrity as reflected in my heart, and I put myself into the flow of KRC on the subject of ARC for myself at that moment. I experienced KRC,and through that experience I enjoyed restored ARC for myself, and so went on to create restored ARC between us.

When you raise the level of your Knowing, or of your Responsibility, or of your Control, you raise each of the others, just as in the ARC triangle. When one lessens, the others lessen with it. When KRC lessens, you again have pain and unhappiness. The lessening of ARC and KRC for self is always contrary to the flow of one's integrity, and that which is contrary to the flow of integrity always makes itself felt as pain. You just cannot ever get away with being untrue to your integrity. You can try to be numb to that pain, you can exist for eons pretending the pain isn't there; your integrity is unextinguishable, it is beyond space and time. You can laugh all the way to the bank in flagrant disregard of your integrity and perhaps die "rich"; in some future life you will pay the price, with interest.

You have, you acquire, and you develop the KRC of how you increase ARC with yourself and with others. Life rewards us for experiencing with integrity. What clearing technology, or any true enhancement technique or activity, helps us learn better, is that precise KRC--of increasing ARC with self and Life. It's what education is supposed to be about.

End Result

The result of such work is that you achieve a true reflection or manifestation of your unique personal integrity. Your integrity requires you to have ARC and KRC for your integrity, and thus for yourself, and thus for Life. In order for you to have unblemished KRC and ARC for yourself you must have done your utmost to manifest your KRC and ARC for self and Life. You manifest the most KRC and ARC for Life by using your abilities to encourage as many others as you can reach to manifest the most they can of their own KRC and ARC for self and Life. You celebrate eternally the unlimiting of KRC and ARC for self and Life. Your unique individual integrity demands no less; it demands that you celebrate, with wonder and joy, your being who you are, being with Life, being with those who are being who they are with you and with Life. Now you are truly who you are, now you are at the feet of God.

You know when you are close to who you truly are. You know it when you open your heart, trust it, and follow its promptings towards its satisfactions, towards its joys. Let your heart be in wonder. Wonder is the response of the open heart, the willingness to experience newly with KRC and ARC in every moment, with unstinted loyalty to personal integrity.

Osho says: "One who has lost his sense of wonder will never be able to attain bliss, because wonder is the door to bliss. He whose door of wonder is closed will not be able to enter the palace of bliss."

Jesus says: "The Kingdom of God is within you."

Buddha says: "See the false as false,

The true as true.

Look into your heart.

Follow your nature."

(published in International Viewpoints, Winter 1997)

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created by Christine Norstrand