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Bosch Beyond Exorcism

An alternative to traditional views on entities and multiple personality disorders
oak Heart and Soul

Creativity and Basic Objective Processes
Looking Down Memories, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Memories

Book review of Ofshe and Watters Making Monsters
Monet The Desperate Need for Beauty

A short article on spirutal needs.
Ship of Fools The Myth of Xenu

An essay on technological mythology in a post-modern world and an imaginal interpretation
Dante The Gestalt of Paranoia

A review of James Hillman's Eranos lecture, On Paranoia
Monet So You Want To Be OT

To be OT, you have to see what you see, not what someone else tells you to see. To stay OT, you cannot say that you see something other than you do see.
Clearing Search for the Sacred

The sacredness of the present experience forms a complement to the vitality and causativeness of objectives. It is a different manifestation of what is divine in your viewer.
Owlfinch Theologians Against Religion

Greg Singleton claims to have been teaching history since there wasn't any. This is my favorite part of his site.
Orchid Trauma Resolution

My friend Teresa's chapter on Death-related Trauma and TIR/EMDR.
Integrity A Bit of Ivy

Ken Urquhart's essay on integrity
Angel and dragon Email Christine

Form email with passionflowers.

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