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Fairy Magic

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The Meaning of Flowers

A collection of flower mythology and plant lore lists each flower alphabetically with its meanings, medicinal properties, related superstitions, and recipes for ancient magic spells, complemented by illustrations of the Flower Fairies. More information

More Flower Fairies

Children's Books

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The Fairy Tale Book

This was my favorite book as a child. I get many requests for the book that Kip the Enchanted Cat image comes from. It's been republished as The Fairy Tale Book translated by Marie Ponsot and illustrated by Adrienne Segur. I highly recommend it.
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Fairy Art Books

Encyclopedia of Faeries

Comprehensive Guide to Faeries (Illustrated) by Pierre Dubois, illustrated by Claudine Sabatier

Victorian Fairy Painting

Victorian Fairy Painting These are the best fairies. Fairies from Rackham, Dulac, Maybeck, Hughes, Doyle, Naiash, Fitzgerald, Simmons, and others. See many Victorian fairies in the fairy gallery.

More Victorian Fairies

Fairies in Victorian Art
by Christopher Wood

See many Victorian fairies in the fairy gallery.

The Fairies

Suza Scolara offers photographic evidence that fairies exist in The Fairies. See some fairy images from The Fairies, proof that fairies exist.

I Was a Teenage Fairy by Francesca Lia Block. 1998. Has a Suza Scolara photo on the cover. Fantastic novel written for teens by a great, whimisical author Francesca Lia Block.

Brian Froud's Faeries

The original Faeries by Brian Froud.

Brian Froud's Faerie Oracle Cards

Not all fairies are good fairies. Each fairy is described and beautifully illustrated by 'direct faery communications' in The Faerie's Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth.

Good Faeries, Bad Faeries

Not all fairies are good fairies. Each fairy is described and beautifully illustrated by 'direct faery communications' in Good Faeries, Bad Faeries.

Brian Froud's sequel to Faeries. -- David Larkin(Editor), et al; Brian Froud, illustrator

Flower Fairies

Available Cicely Mary Barker - Flower Fairy Books with sample images.

Fairy Spells : Seeing and Communicating With the Fairies by Claire Nahmad  

Child of Faerie, Child of Earth

Child of Faerie, Child of Earth by Jane Yolen 1997. Illustrated by Jane Dyer. Nice children's picture book.

  Fairy Garden : Fairies of the Four Seasons by Constance Barker Lewis, illustrated by Tom Cross


Fairies by Elizabeth Ratisseau c. 1998 - gorgeous book with many pictures, and stories/poems for adults.

  Fairy Dreams by Carol McLean-Carr

Faeries, Doorways to the Enchanted Realm

Faeries Doorways to the Enchanted Realm by Lori Eisenkraft-Palazzola c. 1999 -- stunning book for adults.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Cinderella by C.S. Evans, Arthur Rackham illustrations

Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm, Arthur Rackham illustrations

Marc Chagall : The Fables of La Fontaine

Fairy Activities

Fairies Notebook
Darcy May

The Legend Lady has researched fairy tales from around the world for 35 years and is now putting them in both written book and talking CD format. Read a sample story on-line

Fairies and Elves Tattoos

Elves and Fairies Stickers : 24 Pressure-Sensitive Designs
Flower Fairy Stickers

Ballerina Fairies Paper Dolls

A Visit to Fairyland : Glitter Sticker Books; Jane E. Gerver, et al

Fairy Fun by Marla Schram Schwartz. 1998 Illustrated by Linda Cohen -- a nice book of crafts for kids - pictures. Ages 9-12 reading level.

Rackham's Fairy Tale Coloring Book : 17 Stories from the Brothers Grimm
Arthur Rackham

Fairy Crafts (Lothian Australian Craft Series)

Fairy Fun : With Maginary the Fairy

Fairy Princess Postcard Book

Fairies Laser-Cut Plastic Stencils

10 Fairies Fun Books

Six Flower and Fairy Cards by Darcy May

Fairy Storybooks

The Golden Books Treasury of Elves and Fairies : With Assorted Pixies, Mermaids, Brownies, Witches, and Leprechauns

Bearskin (Books of Wonder)
Howard Pyle, Trina Schart Hyman (Illustrator)

King Stork (Books of Wonder) Howard Pyle, Trinia Schart Hyman (Illustrator)

Fairy Wings by Lauren Mills 1995. Illustrated by Dennis Nolan. - pretty children's picture book. Reading level ages 4-8.

Story of King Arthur and His Knights
Howard Pyle

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (Signet Classics)
Howard Pyle

Story of the Champions of the Round Table
Howard Pyle

The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur
Howard Pyle

The Swan Maiden
Howard Pyle, Robert Sauber

The Wonder Clock : Or Four and Twenty Marvelous Tales
Howard Pyle

Fairy Scholarship

From the Beast to the Blonde: On Fairy Tales and their Tellers. Warner, Marina (1994) New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux

Earth Light; The Ancient Path to Transformation, Rediscovering the Wisdom of Celtic and Faery Lore
The Ancient Path to Transformation Rediscovering the Wisdom of Celtic and Faery Lore This book presents important practical methods of working within the Faery realm.

Victorian Fairy Tales : The Revolt of the Fairies and Elves
Jack Zipes(Editor)

Fairies : Real Encounters With Little People; Janet Bord

The Fairy World of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

The Books of Faerie
Bronwyn Carlton, et al

Traditional Irish Fairy Tales
James Stephens, Arthur Rackham (Illustrator)

More Fairy Books (harder to find)

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book -- Terry Jones, Brian Froud (Illustrator)

Fairy Wings; Lauren Mills(Illustrator), Dennis Nolan (Illustrator)

Victorian Flowers & Fairies : A Photograph Album (Victorian Photo Albums)

Nymphets & fairies : three Victorian children's illustrators

Mythical Beasts

Once upon a Quilt : Fairy Tales in Fabric by Kaster Bonnie

Fairy paintings
Beatrice Phillpotts

Fairy Tales & Fantasies in Illustration

Fairy Tales and Fantasies in Illustration Vol 2
by Yoshihiko Funazaki, G-Sha(Editor)

Fairytale As Art Form and Portrait of Man
Max Luthi

The Fairytale As Art Form and Portrait of Man (Midland Book, 420)
Max Luthi


The Scriptorium offers art fonts (sometimes called dingbats) and traditional fonts based on various lettering. Some of the Celtic or script fonts work well with fairies.

You can download a demo version of many Scriptorium's fonts in Zip format or Stuffit for MacOS. (Pick up extraction utilities here.) Installation instructions are included. You can also download a sample version of the font of the month.

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