By The Vulcan

This is a handy little utility to do dial-up-networking from the command line or a batch file under Windows 95 or Windows NT.

Here is a brief "excerpt" from the documentation:

Usage: RAS [options] command


-rN retry command until success, up to N times

-q quiet
Display very little information.

-t trace
Display verbose descriptions of what's going on.


DIAL connection [username [password [domain ] ] ]
Attempt to connect using the given connection (case is ignored). If no username/password is given, use the previous settings. RAS will detect if you try to interrupt or shut it down while dialing, and immediately hang up and quit. However, hanging up requires a minimum of three seconds, so please be patient. The "domain" parameter is not normally required, in my experience.

HANGUP [connection]
Hang up on the specified connection. If no connection is specified and there is only one connection currently open, hang up on it.

STATUS [connection]
Displays status of currently connected sessions. If a connection is specified, only display the status of that connection.

Lists phonebook entries available for dialing. This command shows you the possible connections that you could use with the DIAL command.

Now includes C source code, distributed under the GNU General Public License.


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