By Marty White

PhysCalc is a unit converter and general calculator. It allows you to enter expressions like: (1 foot + 1 meter) and get your results back in inches. It is essentially a calculator with an extremely flexible user-programmable unit converter built in. You can easily define your own new units, of any dimension you like. Need to work with money? Declare a dimension "currency" with units "cent" and "dollar" and you can automatically use combined units like "cents per kilowatt hour". It's far more flexible than all other unit converters I've seen [ed.: as of when this was written in the 1990s]. Ideal for the physics student, or just to figure out how many teaspoons in a cup.

Python version

Requires Python 2.3 or newer (tested thru 2.7). Licensed under GNU GPL 3.0. 2013-Feb-25

Old C version (written in 1990, last significantly updated in 1998)

Now includes C source code, distributed under the GNU GPL.
Compiles under DOS, Linux, and Win32.
DOS and Linux ELF executables included.

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