By Marty White and Rama Hoetzlein

Yes! It's a full featured graphical particle simulator for your home computer! Watch over 4000 particles zip around for hours on end!

Atoms Screen Shot

  • Colorful!
  • Amazing!
  • Hypnotic!
  • Interesting!
  • Educational!
  • Particular!

Atoms features:


Don't let its small size fool you - Atoms is guarranteed to make many hours of your life mysteriously dissapear into a molecular fog.

Atoms was written by Marty White and Rama Hoetzlein, in conjunction with the Core Group, including: Sparky, Gridlok, Ewan, and John-Jay.

Plain VGA DOS application (works fine under 95 & NT).

Now includes C source code, distributed under the GNU General Public License.
Compiles for DOS with Borland C/C++.


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