Table of Contents

Synchronicity, Science, and Soul-Making

List of Illustrations
1. Introduction
2. Individuation and Unconscious Compensation
3. Synchronicity: Acausal Connection through Meaning
4. Synchronicity: Examples and Analysis

The Bridge to Physics

5. From a Medieval to a Modern World View
Synchronistic Interlude 1:  Recognition and the Self
Synchronistic Interlude 2:  Appreciating Community
6. Causality and Acausality in Nature
Synchronistic Interlude 3:
Omnipresence of the Self
7. The Elasticity of Space and Time
Synchronistic interlude 4:
A Dream Wedding
8. A Participatory Quantum Universe
Synchronistic Interlude 5:
Learning to Trust the Inner Voice
9. Nonlocality in Nature
Synchronistic Interlude 6:  The Philosopher's Stone

The Bridge to Philosophy

10. The Structure of Middle Way Buddhism
Synchronistic Interlude 7:  Appreciating the Feminine in Spiritual Life
11. Applications of Middle Way Emptiness
Synchronistic Interlude 8:
A Reading Invitation
12. The Psychological Standpoint: Virtues and Vices
Synchronistic Interlude 9:
Experiencing the Higher Self
13. A Philosophic Model for Synchronicity
Synchronistic Interlude 10:
Applying Lessons
14. Weaving Harmonies and Revealing Dissonances
Synchronistic Interlude 11:  Learning to Balance
15. Synchronicity and Individuation