The Varna Community Association is pleased to offer Tompkins Cortland Community College students living in Dryden the opportunity to be considered for an award of $250. The purpose of the award is to enhance the quality of life in Varna and the Town of Dryden through charitable support of post-secondary education. This is not a grant, it’s a prize for writing a good essay about volunteerism.
To apply for the VCA's TC3 student award, do all of the following:

1. Obtain proof that you have resided in the Town of Dryden for at least six months. (Anyone living in Varna, Freeville, Etna, the Village of Dryden or the Town is eligible). Proof must be a document from a corporation or a government agency with your name and address. Examples: a utility bill dated at least six months ago; a statement from a landlord.

2. Register for at least six credits of coursework at TC3 for the Spring 2017 semester.

3. Write an original essay of approximately 500 words on this topic:
"Volunteers make communities stronger”

4. Type your essay. Keep in mind that essays will be evaluated on these criteria: How well you address the topic, the originality of your ideas, appropriate citations (if any), and the clarity of presentation (neatness, spelling, grammar, length).

5. Print the release form. Sign the form indicating that, if chosen for this award, you are willing to have your essay published in an issue of Varna News.

6. Assemble your application materials. You need a hard copy or PDF of each of these items:
1) Proof that you have lived in Dryden for at least six months
2) A typed copy of your essay
3) Proof of registration for at least six credits at TC3 for the Spring 2017 semester
4) Signed release form

7. Submit your application materials by December 16th
Mail to: Varna Community Association
Attn: TC3 Student Award Chair
PO Box 4771
Ithaca, NY 14852-4771
Email to:

Notes: International students are eligible for this award.
VCA Directors or their family members are not eligible.
Winner will be notified on or before January 20 2017.