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The Varna Community Association is hosting GeoWhiz, a new educational program, to promote geographic literacy for adults and teens. GeoWhiz is a fun and entertaining competition where teams answer a variety of questions on geography. It's a lot like a spelling bee but with questions about geography.

January 27, 2018, 1pm
Varna Community Center
943 Dryden Rd. (NY Rte. 366)

How to Participate:
Create a team of one to three people, ages 13 or older. Give your team a name (there will be a prize for the best name!)

Fill out the
registration form and submit your payment.
By mail: GeoWhiz, Varna Community Association, PO Box 4771, Ithaca NY 14852-4771.
By credit card: use donation button below

Registrations and payment will also be accepted at the door starting at 12:30 on the 27th.

Teams will be quizzed on the geography of Tompkins County, New York State, the United States and US territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands).

Suggestions for preparing can be found

Questions may be based on physical features (such as rivers, mountains, etc.), political jurisdictions, historical features, or cultural and economic forces that have resulted in changes to the landscape.

Sample questions:
1. Where is the highest elevation in New York State?
2. Which is longer: the Appalachian or Pacific Coast Trail?

3. How many county legislative districts does Tompkins County have?

Proceeds from team registrations, corporate sponsorships and individual donations
will benefit the many services provided by the Varna Community Association, including our public playground, Varna After School Program, and our commercial kitchen that works as an incubator for small food businesses.

Basic rules for GeoWhiz

Each team will sit together at a table. Members of a team may converse quietly but must not communicate with other teams or audience members. No electronic devices are allowed. Each team will be given supplies for writing answers.

Questions will be read and projected on a screen visible to all contestants and audience members. Once a question has been read, teams will have 60 seconds to write their final answers. When time is called, teams will reveal their answers.

Each team will be allowed to miss two questions and still compete. A third incorrect answer will disqualify the team. If no team gives the correct answer, then a new question will be read until at least one team has the correct answer. Teams will compete until only one team remains. The final team will be the GeoWhiz Champions!

“We live in an interconnected, ‘globalized,’ world in which life in one place depends on resources, activities, and people far away. With a working knowledge of geography we are better prepared to face these challenges.”
Jake Brenner, PhD, Associate Professor of Environmental Science, Ithaca College
"Long, narrow finger lakes, carved by glaciers, are found in only a few places on Earth. Ithaca is a great place to begin the lifelong journey of learning about our home planet's amazing geography.”
Noah Snyder, Director, Environmental Studies, Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences Department Boston College.