There are a many ways to support the VCA’s programs and facilities. For example....

Serve on the VASP (Varna After School Program) steering committee
Become a regular volunteer at VASP and help with the kids once week or more often
Help plan educational events at the Community Center
Serve coffee at pancake breakfasts
Trim grass at the playground
Help prepare the Varna News for mailing (fold, apply labels)
Supervise crafts & games at children’s events
Be part of the clean-up team after activities
Oversee VCA policies and programs by serving on the Board of Directors
Participate as a member of one of the VCA’s committees

To learn more about volunteering,
contact the VCA.

Financial Donations
Donate by credit card or PayPal at the top of this page. Checks or cash donations are also welcome! Donations are used to help pay for public events, utilities, insurance, inspections, maintenance, newsletter printing & postage, and so forth. Checks should be made out to:
Varna Community Association, Inc. and mailed to: Varna Community Association, Inc., P.O. Box 4771, Ithaca NY 14852-4771. Because the VCA has 501c3 status with the Internal Revenue Service, donations are tax deductible on federal income tax returns. If you have questions, contact the VCA treasurer.

Refundable Bottles and Cans
Refundable bottles and cans are collected on an on-going basis. Donations can be left at any time in the bin by the front door of the Varna Community Center (943 Dryden Rd. NY Rte. 366 Ithaca NY). A VCA volunteer sorts donated bottles and cans and takes them to a redemption center. This is an easy way to support the VCA -- those nickel and dime refunds really add up over time!

Printer and Toner Cartridges
Used printer and toner cartridges are collected on an on-going basis. A VCA volunteer returns them to a collection center for a refund. Please place your donation in a plastic bag and leave it by the front door of the Varna Community Center (943 Dryden Rd. NY Rte. 366 Ithaca NY).