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Current work

I'm currently working on recording some sentimental covers for kids - not kids' songs per se, but songs that might appeal to kids or that parents would like to sing to their children. This was commissioned by my friends Lou and Karen for their daughter Molly. I'm just getting started, so I've got:

These are current, in the sense that they're originals that haven't yet been collected into an album, but they're not exactly fresh - all were from recording sessions in 2000. They may or may not be finished.

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All-original solo albums

Cover of off line

off line

A retrospective of my favorites from the last two albums, plus some new things. Hey, one of the nice things about not having a recording contract is that you're free to revise the past and edit out the songs you're tired of! It was time for a CD, and counting the moon was too long as it was... And I wanted to remaster the old songs, and fix things that had always bothered me. So the theme here is "songs from the analog age"--all these songs were first recorded on analog tape, even the new ones. February 2000.

keep rolling down river - come to me - growing up in the garden - lakewind - roundtrip vigil - miso - Shenandoah: river of my dreams - counting the moon - as it must be - wind and river - we do not meet by chance

This CD was available on MP3.com, but then they went bankrupt. I still have some, and you can order them directly from me until I get a new online thing going. Price $10.

Cover of counting the moon

counting the moon

A double album of new original songs, dancing between the material world and the inner experience. Some highlights are "miso," an a cappella song featuring heavy breathing, chest pounding, and lyrics from the back of a condiment package; "leaving home," an extended instrumental meditation on growth and family; and the title track, a happy ode to sitting still. 1992.

outside: invocation · thank you note · company picnic · holy water · miso · the potato waltz · as it must be · freaks like us · interlude i

inside: interlude ii · fatherless child · my lord of rain · o kali · we are one · leaving home · counting the moon · conclusion

Available here only, for a mere $5.

Cover of the flower grandchildren's quiet transformation

the flower grandchildren's quiet transformation

All-original double album, remastering the best of previous releases plus new material. Includes the soundtrack to the play "Instead of Flowers." 1989.

the flower grandchildren's nursery rhymes: invocation · utica blues · the lecture · paper boys · sweet · the man with one pig left · marshmallow pies · nothing is free · restraint · wouldn't you · ladder · wind and river · notes

the flower grandchildren's lullabies: resistance · instead of flowers, scenes i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii · snakeskin · woman within · things happen this way · roundtrip vigil · goodbye to smiling faces · conclusion

I originally gave this album away on cassette for free, with an optional donation. Tips are welcome.

Other past projects

If you'd like to hear any of these old things that aren't yet linked, let me know. It takes a little while to find 'em, digitize 'em, and make 'em into good MP3s, so you might consider leaving me a nice tip.

The ETI Rap

Goofy rap song for a company holiday party. Too many in-jokes to be comprehensible to anyone who didn't work at Eloquent Technology, Inc. in 1994. We made speech synthesis software, so the big joke was that I was singing as our main synthesized voice, and the backup singers were two actual synthesized voices. I lip-synced it at the party with a couple of my coworkers. (I later started a new business with one and married the other.) The transfer process has lost some of the highs, so the synthetic voices in particular aren't very intelligible.

MP3 audio · lyrics (the original, unmodified text file, dated 12 December 1994)

When I Was Young

Solo treatments of folk and religious songs I remember from my childhood. 1991.

How Can I Keep From Singing · Only A Shadow · Peace Prayer · Silent Night/Iroquois Treaty

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? · Blowin' In The Wind · Moonshadow · Woyaya (We Will Get There) · MTA Song

Cover of Sun, Moon, and Stars

Sun, Moon & Stars

Live tracks recorded with Laura Wallens at various small halls in upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Mostly airy, introspective ballads, with one gibberish song and a lot of harmonies. 1990.

Together · The Prince · Scarborough Fair · Open Up · Lift Me · Sun, Moon & Stars · Closer To Fine

Mystify Me · Inner Conflict · Walking In Your Footsteps · Bamajedifamamowsitt, Foo Fa · Helpless · Thrice Christ

skipping stones

An eclectic mix of originals and covers, including Gregorian chant, twelfth-tone synthesizer compositions, and soundtracks from video, film, and theater, as well as twelve-string guitar and vocals. 1988.

roundtrip vigil · without reservation · She Belongs To Me · arjuna enlightened · restraint · tigh die · ningit · Wish You Were Here

instead of flowers, scenes i-viii · sweet · chase · Music, Sex, And Cookies · karmic dna · utica blues

Live at Willard Straight Coffeehouse

Live originals and covers. Just twelve-string guitar, classical guitar, and singing. Nice crowd. 1988.

sound check · The Lecture · Goin' To California · Wish You Were Here · Buckets Of Rain · nothing is free · Tomorrow Is A Long Time · Shelter From The Storm · Music, Sex, And Cookies · Positively Fourth Street · Imagine · Thank You · Gallows Pole · Tangerine

Invitation to a party featuring God And Country

10 10!

A live show at Cornell University with God And Country, an artsy salad dance band. "Selling Flowers For Harry," a sarcastic cheap shot at Hare Krishnas, was a favorite. 1987.

When The Man Jumps Down · Marshmallow Pies · Just Like You · Gatherings · You're Not Worth It · Julesgroove · Selling Flowers For Harry · Nashville · Decorations

Cover of archaeopteryx


Solo compilation of experimental originals and covers. 1987.

A Saucerful of Secrets · Gallows Pole · Nothing Is Free · Seek Ourself · Paper Boys · Plagiarism Blues · You're My Woman Now · Honest Work · Androgyny · Goodbye to Smiling Faces

Jokers and Thieves, May Day 1987

Jokers and Thieves Live

Photo: Tim Miller

A live benefit concert for Juvenile Diabetes with this 60's cover band in Kingston, New York. Best remembered for a bass solo using a breaking string for tonal effect, and for an impromptu jam with two other bands at the end. 1986.

Dazed And Confused · After The Goldrush · Utopian Darkness · Hey Joe · Little Wing · Like A Rolling Stone · You Can't Always Get What You Want · Purple Haze · Little Drummer Boy · Let It Be

Room Full Of Mirrors · Take A Walk On The Wild Side · Jimi's Untitled · Honest Work · Hey Jude · Wild Thing/1984/FJ's Solo · The Star-Spangled Banner · Johnny B. Goode/Sexy And 17

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