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11 September 2005 I Will is really done now.
5 September 2005 Another draft of I Will (and it's probably done). And a first draft of Feelin' Groovy.
18 August 2005 Starting to record some cover songs for kids. I Will is the first.
7 August 2005 New pictures of Clara (surprise!). Juicy colors.
7 August 2005 Resuscitated my music studio in a new room. Messed around with it a bit.
31 July 2005 A photo of the most primitive music synthesizer money can't buy, and a short recording of me fooling around on it.
27 July 2005 Posted pictures of my completed sump pump monitor.
2 April 2005 Just the ol' ambiguous headline thing.
20 March 2005 Finished posting MP3 files for a 17-year-old live recording, live at willard straight coffeehouse, on the music page. Thanks for the encouragement, Stu!
7 February 2005 Yup, more ambiguous headlines.
29 January 2005 Put up MP3 files for a fifteen-year-old album, the flower grandchildren's quiet transformation, on the music page. I'd only had it on cassette, and I was reminded (thanks Greg!) to get off my butt and digitize it.
20 January 2005 Two new ambiguous headlines. Most of my new additions have been on my photo gallery site, and are not listed here.
17 October 2004 I have a new experimental Web server hosting Plone and Gallery (with yet more Clara pictures), and I added some more headlines.
26 August 2004 Just more headlines.
15 June 2004 Finished a new comic strip with Frank.
13 June 2004 MP3.com has been dead for what, many months now. I finally got around to fixing all my broken links, and put a few relatively recent MP3s up here for now. Also added more pictures of some little daughter or other. And ambiguous headlines still keep appearing.
21 April 2004 Yet more Clara, plus more family pictures (most of them, er, Clara) and the odd headline.
22 January 2004 Can you tell I'm a new father? More Clara.
21 January 2004 A couple new headlines.
3 January 2004 Added pictures to Clara's Birth and Visitors pages.
28 December 2003 Added pictures from my daughter Clara's birth!
13 November 2003, 15-18 December 2003 Added some snapshots and ambiguous headlines.
2 November 2003 Documentation of the Symbols Of Stuff ceremony.
14 October 2003 You can't go wrong with more ambiguous headlines.
1 - 7 September 2003 Put up some artsy photos and also some snapshots. (And tweaked.)
10 August 2003 Updated Guy with the latest work-in-progress.
5 August 2003 Added A Slow Thursday. It might even be finished.
5 April, 7 June, 13 July 2003 New ambiguous headlines. I am not making these up.
20 February 2003 New art work: Whirlwind Mask.


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