For example:



     Hello, tonight is late evening Saturday April 11th, 2009.

     Well as promised we are going to get back into the interesting

     And so it will be.

     In truth this material is so far out in left field, they don't have
a name for it.


     The proof says that if A and B are two different objects they can
never be certain of each other, either of each other's nature, nor of
each other's existence.

     Thus if God and Soul are two different objects, they must forever
remain a theory to each other.
     Thus even if God did make the Soul as something different from God,
God would never be able to know that the Soul exists or was made as He
intended.  There would be no perfectly certain verifiability between
creator and created.

     And, Lord save the Soul, if the Soul is not God, then the Soul will
never be able to know if God exists except in theory, even if God did
make him.


     Long ago I once said that the intent of the suppressive person is
to destroy facility in intimacy.

     Intimacy is being able to know each other with perfect certainty,
through *INTIMATE* (direct) contact.

     There can be no direct contact between two different objects and
thus no intimacy.

     All the intimacy that two different people seek and feel with each
other is actually intimacy they are seeking and feeling with themselves,
which they then cast onto the other as if it were theirs.

     If God and Soul are two different objects, two different things, if
the Soul is not an operating aspect of God itself, then the Soul will
forever long for intimacy with its creator and never find it, except in
delusion and self pretense.

     Or worse reject it as undesirable.

     If God and Soul are two different objects, then the Soul is damned
to live in blind faith forever more.

     On the other hand, how many different zero dimensionalities can
there be?

     We know that the Soul has a spaceless, timeless, zero dimensional
core which allows for perfect certainty born of self referencing, self
symbolizing, self illuminating luminosity called consciousness.  Self
luminosity is not a temporal process, if it were, it would never self
luminesce, you couldn't SEE IT.

     Everything you 'see' in the physical universe you see in the past.

     Everything you see in consciousness you see in the now.

     A consciousness can only know how it IS.

     A machine can only know how it WAS.

     And since you can't see directly into the past, a machine can't SEE
anything, period.

     Just as cause is not sufficient to witness cause in the physical
universe, because you can't use effects to see cause, space and time and
things made of space and time are not sufficient to witness space and
time with certainty.

     Just as a machine, that can only learn by being an effect, can
never prove the existence of cause, a machine made of space and time and
thus also learning by being an effect, could never know for sure OF ITS
OWN EXISTENCE WITH CERTAINTY, let alone whether space or time or even
cause existed.

     A space time gizmo can never be certain of ANYTHING, let alone that
it is truly a space time gizmo.

     So if there is something above the Soul, that is different from the
Soul, that made the Soul, there is no way we could ever know about it

     And since the proof says it is impossible to learn with certainty
about B by looking at A, the Soul can never learn about the external
objective physical universe by looking at his own subjective conscious
renditions (experience) of it.

     The soldier in the tank looking at his color TV screen can never be
sure if the external world, which is represented to him by his TV,
actually exists or not.

     Thus since the Soul can ONLY see directly its own consciousness
(symbol), and never what his consciousness represents to him about the
alleged external world (referent), the Soul can never know with
certainty if that alleged external physical universe (referent) exists
at all.

     When looking at symbols, the referent must forever remain a theory.

     The Soul USES the model of an external physical universe of space
and time to model and explain the presence of his conscious experience
or rendition of it.

     Nonetheless, external space and time remain forever a model.  To
use one's conscious rendition of space and time as evidence for that
model of external space and time, is interesting at best, fatal folly at
worst, and this is why: just because one SEES space and time, doesn't
mean there IS space and time.

     For example, just because one SEES the color red, doesn't mean
there IS redness out there in the physical universe.  In fact there
isn't, there is at best only force vibrations of various frequencies,
none of which are red.

     To even assign the quality of redness to a force vibration would be
a total domain error.

     Redness can not be a quality of force, only of conscious


     Occam's razor tells us not to multiply causal factors unnecessarily
in seeking a theoretical modeled understanding of the world.


     Occam's sharpening strap says never hypothesize something that you
can prove is unprovable.

     That's a tough one because it includes the alleged physical
universe but also includes the God that everyone thinks made the Soul.

     Out of what, they will not say.

     Occam's sharpening strap is good for bean counters to rubber stamp
NO on grant requests to study things one can prove can't be proven in
any way whatsoever.  Unprovable doesn't mean the idea is wrong, only
that it's a perfect certainty no one will ever know.

     On the other hand, if we work with what we have, which is the self
aware, personally agent Soul, and offer the possibility that the Soul is
God in carnation, then we have both our Soul and God as one thing, that
thus can know about each other with perfect certainty because they ARE
each other, as they are two operating aspects of the same underlying

     So we call this one thing the GodSoul.

     Self Aware, Self Luminous, Self Symbolizing God and Soul in one.

     Self symbolizing simply means that if we chase down the referent
that the symbol is pointing to, we find it is pointing to itself!

     Poetically we might say each person is the Soul of God in

     Formally we say that the incarnating Soul is one function of a
multi function operating actuality called the AllThatIs.

     "The existence of a multifaceted operating actuality is self
evident." - Sufi

     AllThatIs is hard to spell and pronounce so we call it God for

     However there is clearly more than one Soul, thus this God we are
talking about is a Multi I-AM being, which means it can dream many
dreams at the same time, each one is a *FULL* instantiation of that
multi I-AM being, living the individuated life of that particular Soul.

     Me and thee.

     Thus the multi I-AM God incarnates into individual I-AM's, as
dreamtime space time creatures.

     But they can never know squat about each other via the mechanics of
dream time, which ASSUMES they are two different beings.


     Is this really so beyond our imagination that there could be an
infinite number of infinite minds (Souls) from one point of view, and a
unified transsummate God from another?

     Transsummate means that the AllThatIs is acting from the state of
being where all its infinite number of I-AM's are working in unison and
co operation as an unincarnated knowing willing team.

     There never is, nor was, nor ever will be a single large I-AM.

     The Multi I-AM does not split, or fracture, or shatter into many.

     It IS many.  
     But as many, the High US, it can act in unison, as if
one, or a finite subset can do the same.  
     10 billion I-AM's can fork off a game that only they are playing,
locking out the infinite number of other I-AM's they could have been
playing with.

     It is considered that any particular universe is such a forked
subset of the multi I-AM being, with the caveat that in some universes
BY AGREEMENT OF THEMSELVES AS CREATORS, other beings can enter it after
it is first created.
     Thus new beings waking up after a good long sleep at the top will
find many games already going on, that they can pick and choose from, or
they can get together with others and make their own.

     The AllThatIs is not filled with just one being forever and ever,
it is filled with an infinite multi being that can act at will as many
different individual I-AM's or as an integrated unison of team

     We are NOT saying that the Soul comes from a larger ocean of
'Soulness' like a drop of water comes from a cup of water.

     Souls are more like an infinite marble in an infinite bag of
     Souls retain their individuality across eternities.

     But they can operate in unison as part of the bag, or alone outside
the bag incarnated in dream space and time as a space time gizmo.
     Thus Souls are individual and eternal, but can operate either alone
as incarnations in space time, or as a unified team in the transsummate
(disincarnate) state.

     The difference between the incarnated state and the transsummate
state is the difference between "I AM" and "WE ARE".

     It is one of the great lies of all time to say that God is the
"Great I AM".

     The hell he is, that's the incarnated Soul that is the great "I

     Or some poor devil pretending to be the one and only God, or those
that would bow and pray to idols of time, stone and dust in the wind.

     God is the great 'WE ARE'.

     There is a ONEness to God, that is the underlying substrate that
powers and connects the whole thing, but the operating entity called the
AllThatIs, operates through the MANY to provide manifestation and life.

     Thus the AllThatIS is both One *AND* Many, two different functions
of the underlying phenomenon.

     The purpose and function of the one is to power the many.

     Not all of God is incarnate at one time.

     And the parts of God that are incarnate can be independently
incarnated as groups in many different unrelated universes at the same

     This universe we are all in now, is a sub group of the total HIGH
     The transsummate state is aware of the HIGH US, the incarnate state
is often certain only of itself.

     That's because in the incarnate state, the I-AM being tries to
communicate to other I-AM beings THROUGH the created universe of
(virtualized) space and time, and thus no certainty is obtainable about
the nature or existence of others because the I-AM is trying to use
learning by being an effect to learn about something or someone it
considers different from itself.

     In the transsummate state, the individual I-AM communicates
directly with other beings via the one substrate that connects them all.
Via that path they ARE all one and so can know each other.

     The HIGH US is not a WE outside of you, it is a WE inside of you,
all living in the core, while pretending to themselves to be living in
dream space time.

     Understanding this leads to the end of loneliness and isolation.

     Loneliness is when all beings are outside of you.

     Fulfillment is when all beings are inside of you.

     And by all, we mean *ALL*, whether incarnate, or not, whether in
this universe, or another universe or no universe at all, whether
manifested or sleeping, ALL of them are there inside you.

     "An infinite number of infinite minds was beyond the ken of modern
day philosophers..." - LRH

     You can of course withdraw from the ALL of them to a manageable
subset.  :)

     Or not, depending on your willingness of the day.

     If you do choose to withdraw to a manageable subset, you can browse
among souls in subsets at will (direct co communion), and change your
subset as you wish.

     This is quite fantastic, not to be believed until seen.


     There are contradictions in the above.  It is easy enough to see
how God and Soul could be one and thus able to know each other with
certainty.  But it is quite a bit harder to see how multiple different
Souls could ever know about EACH OTHER.

     Philosophy has long worried over the problem of the one and the

     Could something that was truly one appear to itself to be many,
even as an illusion?

     Could something that was truly many, appear to itself to be one
even as an illusion?

     If they were truly many, how could they know about each other with
certainty?  Being an effect of another does not prove cause.

     Is it possible that a zero dimensional operating actuality could
yet have different functions or aspects, that were none the less not two
different objects in the sense of the proof, and thus still be able to
maintain interprocess certainty amongst each other?

     Similar problems arise with the issues of certainty of time.  It is
quite clear that a machine MADE of space and time can never know for
sure if space or time exists, because such a machine can never know
ANYTHING for sure.

     In particular,

     "State does not prove change in state."

     Thus it is impossible for a machine to be certain it has changed
state, and thus can't be certain of time.
     It is easy to see how space might be a holographic illusion, any
dream at night is such an illusion.

     But time is a bit harder.  Go out one night and watch a traffic
light blink on and off for a few hours until you are absolutely certain
that the light is blinking.

     I mean look at it until you would bet everyone's eternity in hell
that it is indeed changing color.

     Blinking means it is changing state, and change means time, namely
two different moments of time.

     The paradox is that anything that is MADE of space and time can
never be certain of time because comparing two moments of time via a
memory photograph taken of the first is just more learning by looking
at effects (the photograph) and does not provide certainty.

     Certainty of causal integrity across a distance in space or time is
simply impossible.

     Without that certainty of causal integrity, how can you be sure
your photograph of the first moment of time is an accurate
representation when you look at it in the second moment of time using it
to compare the second to the first using them to determine if there was
a change.

     Since a space time gizmo can not occupy two different moments of
time at the same time, it can not compare them directly to each other
without using a mechanism of some sort.  And no mechanism can verify the
causal integrity of any other mechanism, not even itself, and so there
just simply can not be mechanical certainty of time.

     But something that is made of a timeless self luminous core
apparently can be certain of time.

     But if time is an illusion as space is, then is not that certainty
of time a false certainty, and have we not said that false certainties
are impossible by definition?

     The paradox is simply that certainty of space implies no space.

     If it were 'out there', you wouldn't be able to see it, thus if you
can see it, it isn't 'out there.' - Clarke Letters.

     In the same way the certainty of time implies no time.

     There is simply nothing in the state of a machine that implies with
certainty that the machine has changed state!

     And worse the logical computed implication from a machine's present
state to a prior different state is not the same thing as direct
perception of change in state.

     In the absence of the ability to directly compare two moments of
time, how can you determine that they are two DIFFERENT moments of time!

     Direct perception of change is not learning by implication, it's
learning by direct contact.

     Through facile intimacy (facility in intimacy.)
     Is it possible that there is both a timeless state in the core, and
a timefull state in the display of space and time?

     Can we brook the idea that the core can be certain of time because
it has none, but anything outside of the core inside of time can not be
certain of time?

     Can we brook the idea that that which has time can never know it
has time, but that which is timeless can be certain of time?

     That's as bad as God being certain of the Soul, but the Soul never
being certain of God.

     These issues are very difficult, and lead to Godel Jails galore.

     The reader is encouraged to pick and choose his jails according to


     The fountain head of source is the neck of the hydra that connects
all Souls to the one source, the underlying functioning substrate of

     But the underlying substrate is not conscious!

     And although the underlying substrate is the source of the
GodSoul's ability to manifest, it only manifests when one or more
GodSoul's command it to.

     "Source sources only when will casts." - Adore.

     So God is not a ONE, God is a ONE AND A MANY, and you are one of
the MANY and probably AWOL to boot.

     When lost in dreamtime, a Soul can "lose its High Masters, and
blame its High Apprehentices, and now no one is pure before Source."

     When a GodSoul incarnates, it is possible for it to postulate that
it has lost its connection to the fountain head of source.

     When a GodSoul makes such a postulate, it will then live and suffer
as if it really were disconnected.

     But in truth, this disconnection is an illusion wrought by too much
introversion into the apparitions of space and time.

     The apparency of disconnection may be fair chosen, the GodSoul is
an Imp Soul of magnitude, and likes practical jokes most of all, but
delusion it still be.

     The connection to the fountain head of source can never in fact be

     If it were cut, the dream would end, as all dreams of separation
from the fountain head of source are POWERED by the fountain head of
source, via the will casting according to it's fair chosen desire to
live a lie for a while.

     Thus there are no truly lost sheep, except the apparency of such
amongst the juggernaut of dream timers.


     The reason that people can't exteriorize from the space time
apparition is because they fail to understand that home base is both
spaceless AND timeless.

     If you are to experience spacelessness, you must also experience

     If you are to experience timelessness, you must also experience

     And you must be willing to experience perfect certainty of personal
agency, self luminescing and eternally lighting the dark of the void,
along with an infinite number of other lights in the darkness, namely
other GodSouls all of whom are different than you, and all of whom ARE
you, depending on which side of them you are looking at.


     The color of personal agency is "I AM!" and I give a damn, and if
you aren't careful, I might DO something about it!

     More formally it's I AM, I KNOW, I WANT, I DO and I HAVE.

     But being in the core doesn't mean that space and time stop, it
only means that YOU are no longer IN them, and are viewing them going on
from a place where there is no space or time to go on.

     If you can understand the dichotomy, you are most of the way there.

     All great ideas are oxymorons apparently, and pure genius is the
ability to persue the idiotic to fruition.
     There are lots of things going on in the TV set, but the TV set
itself is still.  If you can become the TV set, you can attain the peace
that passeth all understanding and continue to watch all the action
going on in the set.

     But if you think you ARE one of the things going on in the TV set,
then woe be unto you, unless she's a real doll.

     Notice that if you and the girl are inside the image on the TV set,
then you are inside the displayed universe as the cowboy say, and the
girl is also inside the displayed universe, but she is outside of YOU
and you are outside of HER in that imaged universe.
     The cowboy and girl that he chases thus become two different objects
in dream time, and thus can never know each other with perfect

     The view in the dream is that the universe 'made you' and you can
lose the girl, she can be taken away from you by other causes in that

     But if you are the TV set, then the entire universe is being
displayed ON YOU, along with the cowboy and the girl, and she can never
be lost or removed or separated from you because the whole scene is one
and is you!

     And so from that spaceless timeless core, one can perceive
everything going on inside of space and time which is still going on.

     But YOU are no longer 'going on', as there is no more space or time
for you to go on to.

     Besides if you ever get bored, which you won't, you can always jump
back into the TV set picture, and forget the eternal omniance of the
core itself.
     Omniance means everywhere and everywhen present.
     Although we say that the eternal core is inside of you, the truth
is you are the eternal core, and the dream of space time is inside of
the core, the way the movie is inside the TV set.

     The core is the static spaceless timeless AllThatIs, looking inside
itself for kinetic action.

     There can be nothing outside of the AllThatIs!

     Space and time look like they are outside of you, but in fact they
are inside you.  There is more space and time inside you than could ever
be dreamed to be outside.


     Omniance means everywhere and everywhen present via being nowhere
at all.

     The nameless dreams the nameable for a while.

     It isn't that the spaceless and timeless core is small, from the
viewpoint of the core, it is space and time that are small.


     Something that is zero dimensional has no size, that doesn't mean
zero size and it means neither big nor small.  You have to have more
than zero dimensions to have size whether big or small.

     The core has no dimension and no extension, thus it has no finite
size, thus large and small do not apply.  To the core, attribution of
size is a DOMAIN ERROR and thus querying its size is a domain error.
     The Core is the AllThatIS.

     Space and time are but one of an infinite number of baubles to
visit, admire and get eaten by.

     The one you are living in now is called "Killer Pit".

     But the Core is also zero dimensional.

     Smallness is size.  Without dimension there is no size, big or
small.  THAT is freedom from definition and limitation.

     It is the ability to live in the zero dimensional core of home and
yet let the body and life run with the wind in the dreamtime of space
and time that provides the ultimate freedom.

     It isn't that we are trying to leave space and time behind and
never come back.

     Oh no, we just want to be the damn TV set, and perhaps change the
channel once in a while and perhaps sometimes stick our nose into the
action by taking sides with part of the scene against another part.


     Sin is the preaching or commitment of effort to the doctrine of
separation of God and Soul, and Soul from other Souls.

     Sin is conceiving, believing, wanting or becoming vested in the
separation between God and Soul, or between Soul and Soul.

     Lord save the being who makes a living at preaching and teaching
separation as a fundamental doctrine.

     Get the idea of NO   separation.
     Get the idea of SOME separation.

     Get the idea of NO   together.
     Get the idea of SOME together.

     Run that for a few hours on yourself or another in model session,
and see what happens.

     We are all not just brothers and sisters, we are all identical

     An infinituplet if you will, capable of conceiving and thus
creating outward differences, but inside all the same.

     We create in the mere conception of things so watch it.

     Separation condemns both God and Soul to eternal darkness of each
other, because nothing and no one can consciously see across a distance
or difference of being.

     Justice is you get what you postulate (create by conception).

     To postulate means to POST, put something there in the night of the
void via conception it is there.

     For a being who can create in the mere conception of things,
Justice is swift.

     If you postulate fundamental separation between God and Soul, then
eternal separation is what you get by definition, for as long as you
postulate it.

     All it takes for salvation is to change your mind.


     No one is meting out punishment, except perhaps the GodSoul to

     And fortunately all such states of sin can only last for a while,
as eventually all GodSouls reattain the awakened state.

     "Class is an attitude, that *ALL* should live forever (outside of
time) a be my friend."

     This dream ends forever when the circle of *FRIENDS* are all
holding hands again." - Adore.

     But the sin goes further than simply teaching separation between
God and Soul, it also includes teaching separation of God, Soul and the
AllThatIS and any universe in it.

     There used to be an idea back in the dark ages that God existed,
then made the universe, then made the Soul and stuck the Soul in the

     Made out of what no one will say.

     The truth is the GodSoul, self aware "I AM ness", is a FUNCTION of
God, and God is a huge data matrix that can be rendered as conscious
color forms in the various GodSoul's consciousness.

     The universe is basically a persisting postulate that you will
experience something in dream time if you go there to look.  That coffee
shop is always there when you go to visit it, right?

     Everything you see, is the body of yourself glowing in the night of
the void, and everything you see is also yourself, as perceiver and
perceived must be one, if it weren't, you could never see it.

     The purpose of the glow in the dark conscious unit is to render the
data matrix, within itself and others, so it can have a game of
     Each being has and is his own rendition and they are kept
synchronized with other beings via the ONE that connects the many.

     That's the connecting substrate that connects everyone together.

     The guy sends a letter out into dream time and it gets to his lover
on the other side of the ocean.  But at the same time as he knowingly
sends the letter out into dream time, he also sends it (unknowingly,
wink wink) out the eternal channel that inwardly connects them forever

     The biggest joke there is, is losing someone forever.

     Or trying to get away from someone forever.
     Thus his lover can dream the same dream that he is, and receive and
read the letter down the time stream a ways.

     This allows for co dreaming among many dreamers which is what a
dreamtime space time universe is.

     Reaching out there for another is a fast way to lose them, as pure
telepathy does not travel outwards via dream time, but travels over the
inward eternal communication channels that connect us instantaneously

     It may be fine to say that normal communications must have a delay
in getting from point to point because the speed of cause through dream
time is the speed of photons.
     But notice each dreamer is dreaming the same dream INSTANTANEOUSLY
in perfect accord and synchronization, as it doesn't take any time for
the co telepathy that glues a dream together amongst many dreamers, to
travel through timeless eternity from being to being.

     Thus the cause that causes the whole dreamtime universe to chunk
forward in space and time in sync and as one with all other parts of the
same universe, is a global cause external to the universe itself.

     It is the static orchestrating the kinetic from above as there IS
no actual cause in between objects in the kinetic universe of
virtualizations of cause.

     The static operates the kinetic through global actual cause,
spanning the entirety of the kinetic world all at once.

     The kinetic offers the pretense of local cause between kinetic
objects, but all local cause is virtual cause, not actual case.

     So if you are going to send a letter, why bother with the space
time route?  It's a charade.

     Thus when looking for God, take a look around you, you couldn't
possibly see anything that wasn't God and yourself, in eternal tango
with other's like yourself.  ("The only dance there is.  - Sufi")


     God and Soul are not two different objects.

     The GodSoul has two functions, the God function and the Soul
function, but it is a single object.

     God and Soul are two different functions of one object we call the

     The GodSoul does not create anything, it just changes its own

     In particular the God part does not create the Soul part, they are
co eternal and immutably inseparable.

     Thus for example the God function can't damn the Soul function to
hell forever without damning itself to hell forever with it.

     Further more the God part can't DO ANYTHING AT ALL, unless the Soul
part commands it to and the God part can only do what the Soul

     Thus the only way a being could be damned to heaven or hell forever
would be if the Soul did it to itself.  
     But this kind of forever is in time, thus is ALWAYS a finite while,
as nothing and no one can conceive of and span an infinite amount of
time, and thus all such self punishment must end one day.

     There are hells and there are heavens, but they are dreamtime space
time manifestations and thus CAN only last a while.

     The GodSoul is like a coin, one coin with two different sides.

     When the GodSoul incarnates it's like flipping from head to tails,
from Godhead to AssSoul.

     (Sorry I just transcribe this stuff...)

     God and Soul relate to each other pretty much as Creator and
Creature relate to each other, except that the Creator function is to
create *ITSELF* as the Creature.

     The creator does not create the creature, but does create the
adornments of identity and limitation that allows the creator AS
creature to play a game with other creatures, but only when the CREATURE

     So in truth nothing is created except the adornments the God
function bedecks upon itself as the Soul function.
     And it does this merely by changing the colors of self
lumninescence on the display screen of its own conscious substrate.
     The conscious TV set puts up a new image of a cowboy and cowgirl.
     What has changed now?

     Nothing of MATERIAL has been created, only the state of that
material has changed from no glow to glow.

     Thus we can not say that the Soul is created by God, for the
GodSoul and both it's functions of Creator and Creature are co eternal,
and thus can not be created nor destroyed and the bond between them
never ever rendered asunder.

     Remember without time, there is no time to come and go in, thus
creation and destruction of the dreamer of time is impossible.

     What can be created and destroyed are only dreamtime apparitions of
space and time glowing in the body of each GodSoul in the dark of the
void, bedeckments and adornments surely, but mere self luminescence one
and all.

     Some of these adornments the GodSoul can put on and take off at
will merely by flipping states and changing the pattern of self
luminescence which is on display in its own substrate.

     Others adornments are here for the count, but only for a while even
if a long while.
     And if you buy any of the above, I have a bridge to sell you.

     A bridge from heaven and hell to eternity.

     OK, so much for fantasy, now back to our regular programming.



     So we have the first three lines of the proof as follows:




     The fourth line is simply:




     But I ain't going to touch that one, without a few donuts, so let's
take a break.

     Nothing like a dreamtime donut to raise dreamtime sugar levels.



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