For example:

     Learning, Certainty, Causality and Consciousness


     If I speak with Authority, it is only because I am Author.
     At first they said it wasn't true.  Then they said it wasn't
important.  Then they said they knew it all along.  Which was true.
     Apparently God was a mathematician first, and a purveyor of
damnation second.

     Occam's Razor is best suited for sophomores to cut their own
throats while theorizing in the morning.

     One sign of great genius is the ability to pursue the idiotic.

     I doubt I am, therefore I am, for a nothing could not wonder
whether or not it was a something or a nothing.

     I know I am with perfect certainty, therefore I am forever.

     One can not make a non space-time machine out of space-time
machines, and one can not make space-time machines out of non space-time
     Causation is not sufficient to witness causation.  (Jane's Law)

     Difference implies existence.

     To be certain you can't be certain of anything is absurd,
certainly.  Therefore certainty exists.
     Uncertainty exists.  To doubt it, is to prove it.

     Love and Shame can not of force and mass be made.

     The existence of peers is un peer-reviewed.  How can you get
corroboration, if you don't have corroboration of the existence of the

     No number of uncertainties that something is false can hold a
candle to one certainty that something is true.

     Two different objects can never be certain of each other.
Therefore if God and Soul are two different objects, they will never be
able to know each other with perfect certainty.  They will forever
remain a theory to each other.
     Consciousness is not a process in the brain.  The brain, along with
the rest of the world, is a process in consciousness.
     Homer Wilson Smith